Porch Progress {Week 2}

Well, it’s been a slow go on the porch front this week as “our” major accomplishment was securing the permit and getting the foundation inspected.  Such tasks are not to be underestimated!  We also had the concrete poured for the foundation of the fireplace and porch footers. April 2012 965Cookie and Bird had a grand old time leaving their hand prints in the freshly poured concrete (sadly the PCP was off at school.)  Contractor friend S has three littles himself and I found it terribly sweet that he thought of this!  That he didn’t slaughter me for going ankle deep in one of his brand new concrete slabs was just icing on the cake :-) April 2012 950 April 2012 951 Now, where the week went awry was when Honey came home to find our collegiate rival’s logo forever emblazoned on the fireplace foundation… April 2012 952You see, the PCP and contractor friend S’s son C are thick as thieves.  On their very first play date, and before Honey and S really even knew each other, Honey had the gall to text a picture of C in a GT football helmet to S.  Well, that meant war.  Since then, those two have been taking stabs at each other’s teams on a pretty regular basis.  And while S ensured me that this will be completely covered up, an oblivious Honey spent his evening storming around and sending text messages starting with “you sonofa…”  Pretty funny stuff, I tell ya.   On a separate note, I want to wish a great big HAPPY 9th ANNIVERSARY to Sister and her Mister!!!  Cheers to 99 more!! Fingers crossed that I have loads more to share on next week’s edition of Porch Progress.  Stay tuned! xoxo Southern Porch {Week 1}

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One thought on “Porch Progress {Week 2}

  1. How funny is that rivalry? I love it and think it is fun when that sort of good-natured ribbing goes on.

    Happy Anniversary to your sister- She is beautiful. xo Diana

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