I don’t know about y’all but I’ve lightly mourned the loss of the great television soap operas I grew up on (you know, the likes of Days of Our Lives and Guiding Light) for a few years now.  So, I was beyond excited to have this little piece of American nostalgia back for consumption by a whole new generation!!  I was a little too young to watch the original Dallas, but I can easily recall the adults in my life discussing what must be the greatest cliff-hanger of all time… Who shot J.R.?

So, the new Dallas – and coincidentally J.R.’s new eyebrows – was must-see t.v. around these parts Wednesday night. In fact, Honey finagled a sneak peek of the premier last week and has been raving about it since (which is totally out of character for him, I assure you.)  So, we tucked the littles into bed and then propped up in our own for a couple of the juiciest, most deliciously entertaining hours we’ve had in a long time.
TNT/Erik Heinila - Wednesday, March, 28, 2012, 10:28 PM
I thought the premier seamlessly blended the old and the new and got straight to the essence of Dallas – a massive family sensationally grappling over that grand expanse of Texas real estate we call Southfork.  There was enough drama, deceit, scheming, love and betrayal to knock my socks off.
TNT/Mark Seliger - Wednesday, March, 28, 2012, 10:28 PM
Y’all know where to find us on Wednesday nights for the rest of the summer…tune in on TNT at 9PM EST!  (catch up online here)

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7 thoughts on “Dallas

  1. I am old enough to have watched the original Dallas…never missed an episode…that one summer EVERYONE was talking about "who shot J.R."?
    It was different then less shows on and more attention for each show..My daughter has even watched the series when they had reshowed it a few years ago. She has even been to Dallas Southfork Ranch..so we are big fans. I dont know when it will be on in Canada so I am hoping I can watch it online. Glad to hear you loved it I am sure I will too Cheers Frances

  2. I can remember the original Dallas and while in high school the who shot JR was the huge thing…..our school even had a Sue Ellen look alike who wore a "I shot J.R." tshirt to school….. I was able to catch the premire and can't wait to see what happens next….of course I am hoping that Christopher gets the girl and saves South Fork!!!

  3. Southfork is about 8 minutes from our home; and they hosted a huge watch party! (Despite the massive hail storm we had!) My daughters each had homecoming and prom on the property. So much fun! Dallas is buzzing right now! LOL! It's so much fun to see it all play out again!

  4. When I was a kid, I always knew it was time for bed when I heard the theme song on a Friday night. When we would go to visit my grandma, she'd let me stay up and watch it with her and then Falcon Crest after.

    I tried to watch it the other night, but we are in the middle of Ferber sleep training at our house, so I only made it 15 minutes in before I fell asleep. Hoping to catch up on it this weekend! :)

  5. I remember watching when I was a little girl with my parents. My husband and I watched it as well…great show!! I can hardly wait until next Wednesday!

  6. I definately remember the original Dallas and on Friday nights mama and daddy let it be known that there was to be no distractions or drama while Dallas was on! My daddy loved J.R! I'd like to think he was looking down from on high and having a good laugh the other night….I loved the premiere and look forward to more Dallas drama!


  7. My family was obsessed with Dallas when I was growing up! If my parents went out on a Friday night, *I* got to stay up late and tell them everything that happened. (I was the pre-DVR! ;-)) I was so excited to be home visiting this week for the premiere, so my mom & I could watch together. [We're in the process of moving TO TEXAS!!! :-) But Houston, instead of Dallas. ;-)]

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