Ballard Designs Knockoff Sunburst Mirror

Y’all, I have been coveting this Ballard Designs Sunburst Mirror for what seems like ages.  At a price tag of $99 plus shipping, I have tirelessly stalked the outlet to no avail. 
Suzanne Kasler Sunburst Mirror #4
So, imagine my delight when I spied Mother’s $25 knockoff version!!
June 2012 524 copy June 2012 525 copy When she said she’d help me paint one too, we couldn’t get started fast enough!  All you need is this mirror from Target and a tube of Gold Leaf Rub n Buff (which she already had from her project.)
June 2012 535Don some plastic gloves and give it a good coat of rub n buff.  Just squirt a little out on your finger and go to town.  I’m not sure if it will stay here in the guest room, but it’s the only place I could come up with for now and no way was I sending this beaut off to the bowels of my closet to never be seen or heard from again!
July 2012 222 cop2y
Happy crafting, y’all!

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9 thoughts on “Ballard Designs Knockoff Sunburst Mirror

  1. I was waiting for your how to! I found a sunburst mirror at the Goodwill for a mere $2.00 and couldn't wait to pretty it up! Thanks!

  2. I just ran out to our Target at lunch and snagged the very last one! I may try to spray paint mine silver or some other fun color. Thanks for the heads up and recommendations! Love your blog and style!

  3. Well this must be Ballard's knock-off week because I just posted something today that I copied! LOL! The mirror looks beautiful and I just wanted to also say thank you so much for passing along the Versatile Blogger award to us last week. That was so sweet and we are honored! :-)

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