Mercury Glass Candle Holders {Porch Projects}

After perusing loads of DIY mercury glass tutorials on Pinterest, I ended up using a ridiculously simple method to make the two candle holders on the porch dining table.
July 2012 171 copy
You’ll need:
– A clear glass jar / candle holder / vase / or whatever strikes your fancy (these were from Target at $7ish a piece…they have lids that I am not using)
– Krylon Looking Glass spray paint (about $12 but I used a 40% off coupon)
– spray bottle mixed with equal parts water and vinegar
– paper towels
April 2012 936 1. Give the jars three thin coats of spray paint on the inside.  I had to get in all sorts of strange positions to fully coat these.
April 2012 939
2. Let the paint dry for just a minute between coats.  It will look foggy from the outside while drying and then turn shiny.  You can see these in the process of drying.
April 2012 940
3. Spray the inside generously with the water/vinegar mixture.  It should bead up like this…
April 2012 943
4. Let the mixture sit for about 30 seconds then blot with your paper towel.  You might need to gently rub the towel around to take off the paint.  You really can’t mess this up.  If you don’t take off enough, spray again with the water/vinegar.  If you take off too much paint, wait a few minutes for the vinegar to fully dry then start over with a coat of the looking glass spray and repeat the process.  It’s not supposed to look perfect!
April 2012 946
5.  Let everything fully dry!
April 2012 944
I adore the finished look and think they are perfect for the porch!  I put a flameless pillar candle inside.July 2012 174 copy Stay tuned for my last couple of porch projects!

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16 thoughts on “Mercury Glass Candle Holders {Porch Projects}

  1. These look great. I adore the look of Mercury Glass and I love that used the jar – big and substancial on your table! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am really enjoying your porch projects. Your porch turned out so wonderfully. Your blog has become one of my favorites. As a Georgia girl who now lives in Florida in the Tampa bay area, it is nice to see a peek of Georgia life. Your blog is a breath of Georgia sunshine!

  3. This sounds like the simplest of the DIY mercury glass projects that I've read. Thanks so much for sharing, Amanda!

  4. OK…that's it!!! I am going to have to try this. I have had everything since Christmas to try this and just wasn't sure which method to try. This is the method I ended up writing down…looks so easy!!! Love them!!!

  5. You did a great job, the hurricanes look awesome! Thanks for your great tutorial – I think I'll give a "mercury glass" project a try very soon!

  6. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. I am here from the 36th ave link party, and happy to have found your blog! I will be following and I'd love to have you stop by my simple little blog:


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