Oyster Shell Chandelier {Porch Projects}

Today I’m kicking off Porch Project week at Dixie Delights!  I completed loads of DIY decor projects to pull the space together and figure I’ll go ahead and start with the best of the lot – the oyster shell chandelier!!  This piece is seriously like a dream come true for me.  I could not be happier with the way it turned out and am currently scouting my inside for a place for another :-)
July 2012 179 copy Since the chandelier would be for an outdoor space, I was pretty limited for a starting point.  I opted for this Indoor/Outdoor Chandelier by Royce Lighting from Amazon.  It was just under $300 so certainly not cheap…
April 2012 919
To doll it up, you’ll need:
– A slew of oyster shells (these were found and cleaned by Mother and Daddy-O).  I used about 75 shells on mine, but that will vary with the size of your shells.April 2012 920 – Krylon Stainless Steel spray paint (because I thought this would blend in with the shells)
April 2012 926– A Dremel with 1/16” drill bit
April 2012 927
– Wire to thread together your shells
April 2012 929 1. Here’s what the chandelier looked like out of the box.  First things first, I taped off all the electrical parts and went to town with the spray paint.
April 2012 922
 April 2012 923
April 2012 924
2. Meanwhile, Honey set to work drilling holes in the shells.
April 2012 921
3.  I first wrapped a length of wire around the top of the chandelier so that I’d have something to drape the shells from.  As you can see, it scratched off some of the paint but you really can’t tell now that it’s hanging.  From here, you just use the wire to secure shells all around the chandelier.  It was much trial and error on what looked best as I got each shell up.
July 2012 277 July 2012 279 July 2012 079 4.  After I got the entire top piece complete, I waited until it was hanging in place to do the bottom shells.  This made it easier to hang and also let me see what it would look like as I worked on it.  For the bottom shells, I wrapped wire around the base of the chandelier and linked shells together just like in #3 above.
July 2012 078
5.  I used a small nut to bring all of the hanging strands together in the bottom middle.  And I dangled one last shell from the base.
July 2012 080
It was extremely time intensive…probably one of the longest projects I’ve ever undertaken (I generally like the short and sweet variety) but is literally one of my favorite things in my entire house!!!
July 2012 176 copyStay tuned as I have so much more to share all week long!

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33 thoughts on “Oyster Shell Chandelier {Porch Projects}

  1. Beautiful chandelier! I know that had to take a loooong time to do, for everyone involved..cleaning the shells, drilling all those holes, and wiring them. It turned out great. What an accent for your beautiful porch!

  2. Your outdoor chandelier is gorgeous! I can see why it was so labor intensive, but well worth all that work. I'm sure you'll enjoy it for a long time. Have a great weekend,

  3. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Who would have thought that shells could replace crystals and look AMAZING? You did! Ten cheers for your vision and creativity!

  4. I love it , I am like you I like short projects nothing over one day
    I just texted my son in law in oregon and said get me a box of pyster shells I had another project in mind
    love that huge shell om your table I have been seeing them on blogs all summer where did you get yours?

  5. Wow, this is just beautiful! The shells look rough by themselves, but your chandelier design makes them look so elegant!Coming over from One Artsy Mama :)


  6. This is just lovely! You must have a lot of patience to work with those shells (I live on the coast and I know how sharp they can be!) Beautiful chandy : o )

  7. This is so cool and unique. I will be featuring it tonight at my Sizzle into Summer party tonight at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button.

  8. So inspirational! I am working on one using a vintage chandy with wrapped rope accents and oysters collected from the Gulf of Mexico near where I live. Thanks for sharing!

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