Red, White & Krispie

I absolutely adore Rice Krispie Treats.  And Honey does too.  Forget the creme brulees and complicated custards because a good old RKT is the dessert of choice around these parts!  I’ve had fun getting creative with them over the years…like Rice Krispie Cupcakes and the King Krispie Cake…and these patriotic Red, White & Krispie Treats for July 4th were no exception!
July 2012 052 copy I told Sister at least a month ago about my idea to layer red, white and blue RKTs.  I’d never seen it done before and was seriously patting myself on the back for a new fangled idea, when lo and behold if the same darned thing didn’t pop up on another blog.  Ahhh!

Here’s a few tips and tricks:

  • I had quite a crowd to serve, so I made three entire recipes of RKTs.
  • For this amount, I used a 9×13” pan and greased it well.
  • For the blue and red layers, add your food coloring after you’ve melted the butter and marshmallows and get it the perfect color before stirring in the cereal.
  • Between layers, use a greased piece of waxed paper to press them down into the pan as much as you can.

We’re off to a pool party for a dear friend’s youngest daughter and then are cooking out tonight on THE PORCH!!

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2 thoughts on “Red, White & Krispie

  1. We love Rice Krispie Treats, too. I make them with extra marshmallows and sometimes use Cocoa Puffs (not Cocoa Krispies.)So good in the summer for a quick treat. However, I think you could put butter and marshmallows on about anything except maybe All-Bran and it would taste good!

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