Skirted Table {Porch Projects}

When we first starting talking about the layout of the new porch, I immediately knew I wanted Honey to make me a long, skinny counter-height table to go under the window.  It will be great to use as a buffet, bar and many other things!  
July 2012 169 copy
Honey used scrap wood to build the legs and a shelf underneath.July 2012 280 He used 3/4” sanded plywood to create a smooth top and to make sides that would give it a substantial look.  He made the table height to exactly match my burlap width so that I didn’t have to cut or hem it (40” before the top went on).  To make the burlap skirt, I measured the entire distance around all four sides of the table and then multiplied it by two.  I purchased this 40” burlap at under $2 a yard from  July 2012 190Before I stapled it to the table, I used about a yard of the Towers fabric by Premier Prints in Village Blue to make the greek key-ish border.  I simply cut strips of the fabric and turned down the top and bottom edges with a straight stitch.  I then sewed all of my strips together into one long piece and sewed that onto the bottom of the burlap.July 2012 187 copy

Towers Collection
I love the way it turned out and it was a very affordable way to make this size (18×76”) of a table!

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30 thoughts on “Skirted Table {Porch Projects}

  1. love this!! you did a great job!
    I am totally stealing the cheveron idea on the curtains behind the table! Where did you find them and /or fabric?

  2. This turn out fabulous! I wish there were some how to pics on how to build the table.

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration!


  3. Girl, is there nothing you can't do?! You have awesome sewing skills and can envision a project and make it come to life. I love the burlap texture with the greek key border…very Amanda-ish!

  4. This is adorable (and practical!) I love what you did! I have a couple of "tables" I should make this for, to hide all my stuff! Thanks for sharing your great idea!!!!

  5. Hi, visiting from Kim's WOW. Great job on the table and tablecloth. I've been wanting to do something burlap outside. I love how you made this project so easy. your tablecloth is gorgeous and I love the fabric you choose for the border. I see we are neighbors and love to vacation in the same area. We love all the towns along 30-A.

    The French Hutch

  6. Your burlap skirt is a unique and clever idea! I'm back from an extended blog break, and so is Potpourri Friday! Would be delighted if you would join in again!

  7. Bravo!! I love your gorgeous table. You have inspired me. I was going to buy a computer armoire to put my computer in, but instead, I think I will simply make a skirt for the table my computer is now on, and simply continue to use the same table. I wanted to do sometime to hide the cPU, and all of the cords. I will leave a spot somewhere to let the cords go under the skirt or maybe just not put the skirt on the side where the table goes against the wall. I think I will use burlap also. Problem solved for a fraction of the cost!!

  8. Hi- just wanted you to know I featured your fabulous skirted table on my blog today -I want one too! Love that burlap-Have a lovely weekend!!

  9. This looks so great! Perfect for a party (or any day, really). I also really love how you have curtains on the outside of that window. I have a few windows looking out onto my screen porch and this is a great way to sort of dress them up.

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