First Day of First Grade

Well, he’s all settled in to his new class and I feel like I left a little piece of my heart at the school up the street.  *sigh*

He woke up around four in the morning and crawled into bed right between us.  I couldn’t really sleep after that – just snuggling my sweet first born on the brink of a first grade adventure and wondering how many more nights like this I’ll have…where he won’t be too proud or to grown up to seek us out when he’s scared or lonely or just wants to be close.  (Yes, I am awfully weepy this morning.)

As soon as the alarm went off he popped out of bed and threw on his clothes.  He was thrilled to come downstairs to find Daddy turning out J-O-H-N flap jacks and a magic chocolate straw in his milk.  And he was all laughs and smiles as we gave him a first day of school pep talk (you know… remember manners, listening and respect; you are smart and will do a great job; help out anyone in your new class who might be having a hard day; make good choices about who you are friendly with…etc.)
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His first day lunch was exactly has he proscribed – sweet sliced turkey, tomatoes, carrots, cheese and blueberries.  I added in the chocolate covered 1st Oreo and Smarties because it was looking a little TOO healthy :-)

August 2012 456 copy
Before we knew it, it was time to head off to school.  After much begging and pleading, he let me take him to school for “just today.”  I mean, it is my right as a mother to take my first born to school on his first day of first grade.  He knew right where his classroom was, walked in and greeted Mrs. B., unpacked his bag, sought out his desk and started on his morning work.  It was as if he’s been in first grade his whole life.  Meanwhile, I was fanning my eyes and trying not to make a scene.
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I know he’ll have a great day and am positive that he’s more than ready for first grade.  I’ll be counting down to two-thirty and enjoying some one on one time with the baby…



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7 thoughts on “First Day of First Grade

  1. Aww! Looks great! I'm sure he will have a wonderful day! So hard ( but exciting too!) to watch them start another year…. Time goes waaay too fast! Enjoy your time w/ your baby:)

  2. I hope his day is fantastic! As a former first grade teacher I think first grade is the best! So many new adventures.

    We don't start school for another 3 weeks. It seems like just yesterday that my junior in high school was starting first grade!


  3. These moments are so precious! Mine just started 1st grade and my twins are pre-school. I wish I could let time stand still some moments ( except when they are screaming and melting down)! hang in there mom!

  4. He is soooooo cute! Those eyes and his smile would melt anyone's heart. I'm sure he had many stories to tell of his first day ~ such an exciting time for him. I so understand the Mom's side too…it's the beginning of them sprouting wings.

    I promise…it will get easier. :)


  5. Hi Amanda!
    Where do you find all of your adorable melamine plates, especially the monogrammed ones?



  6. Kimberly – Mine are from a local boutique that I think has gone out of business – called Limetree. You might look at LaPlates. They have really cute ones too! Amanda

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