Savannah: Baby’s Big Day

With the PCP off at Sea Camp, we decided to treat the babies (yes, I realize they are three years old) to a day out on the town.  Our first stop was the Build-a-Bear Workshop at Oglethorpe Mall! After a marathon session of deciding on which creatures we’d bring to life, the boys loved operating the stuffing machine and choosing special hearts to tuck inside their new friends. August 2012 009 August 2012 024 August 2012 007 August 2012 017 After they were stuffed and stitched up, they headed right over to bathe them and brush them. August 2012 029 And after a quick detour where they tried to personally ride bear motorcycles around the store, they started the process of mulling over which clothes and accessories they would choose to bring home.  Bird picked out a brush, bowl and collar for “Doggie” the dog (thanks Bird…I’ll never get the Snoop diddy out of my head now) and Cookie picked out a Braves uniform for “Cookie” the bear. August 2012 040 August 2012 043 August 2012 044 After naming their friends and entering in the information for their birth certificates, the boys were as pleased as punch to walk out of the store with their big bear/dog houses!!! August 2012 042 August 2012 058The next stop on the baby fun day agenda was Two Smart Cookies.  Mother is a long time friend of one of the owners and I promise you that I haven’t had a better cookie since they opened up shoppe nine years ago.  Best of all, there is a smattering of gorgeous home decor to shop while you snack!!  photo (65) photo (66) photo (64) photo (67) To conclude baby’s day out, we put on a prized Thomas the Train movie in Sister’s car.  And while they were living it up rolling movie theater style, we excused ourselves to pop in Sweet Tea for a spell.  (Mother was a doll and sat in the car with them.)  Don’t you just love how we spun their last event into a real treat for ourselves??? A pretty fun day all around! xoxo See more of my Savannah picks here!

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3 thoughts on “Savannah: Baby’s Big Day

  1. How fun for the littles! I had never heard of the cookie shop…where have I been? Glad to be introduced to them. Will come in handy with my baby off to college in a few weeks. We will miss her birthday for the first time! And, I will have to check out Sweet Tea the next time we head to Savannah!

  2. Oh, Chase used to LOVE build a bear! I have everything saved in a bin in our attic because I couldn't part with it :) Looks like those two littles had a great day :)

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