The Old Try

Earlier this Spring, I purchased a few posters from The Old Try – a Southern print shop North of Mason Dixon’s.  Every single aspect of ordering from The Old Try was so remarkably remarkable that I’ve been remiss to put off this posting for so long!

I spent a great deal of time pouring through their site – drooling over the prints and admiring their descriptions.  Take the Georgia poster for example…
ATL, Ga.

“You ever just sit there, with your eyes closed, and listen to your grandmother talk? Or your Daddy tell a story? You’ll hear how sweet and syrupy and thick their accent is. And before long, you start to realize that they are saying complete words in their letters, and speaking monologues in their sentences. It’s that sound of home, and when it comes cracking long-distance over the phone line, you just want to curl up and listen.”

I mean, how wonderfully Southern is that?  It’s a miracle it didn’t land in my buggy.  But, I was a good girl and purchased only the two that got me there in the first place.  And, I couldn’t have been more excited when this arrived on my front porch…
June 2012 328 copy June 2012 325 June 2012 327 copyAs soon as my eye landed on the “We thank you kindly” sentiment I was smitten.  And each piece I unfurled had me more giddy than I thought possible… from the “South Bound” sticker on the rolled posters to the vintage packing slip and “To Dixie with Love” stamp, I was in love before I ever got to the good stuff.  Inside were two gorgeous, numbered, hand pressed posters printed on luscious 100% cotton paper.  I could hardly wait to get them hung in the basement!

Summer, In Picture
“Days spent hunting honeysuckle. Dusk setting in late. The sun was out until well past normal bedtime, but as it set, the sky would begin to glow. Alive, pulsing. The orbs flashing as lighthouses for young boys and girls, beckoning them out into the yards and into the trees and off of porches and out of beds. To capture them was to bottle the night. After we’d placed them on the dresser, jars full of ’em, we crawled into bed and had light that led us into dreams.”
Summer, In Words
“No place to go in particular, us kids would just roam the neighborhood. Talk about heading to the lake. Stumbling onto arbors of honeysuckle, hours spent trying to get our fill. We’d pull off the ends and inhale that sweet summer nectar. Sweat gathering on our brow as we worked until sundown. And then we’d head homeward, just as the lightening bugs would start to light up the dusk.”

July 2012 281 copy July 2012 276 copy
Mason jar, honeysuckle, lightening bugs – if that’s not so-Southern, I don’t know what is!  In fact, I just hopped back on their site last week and ordered another one for the baby’s big boy room.  A sweet reminder of Southern grace, charm and manners for my littlest gentleman.

General Manners No. 1
“The other day, a big paper in New York City decried the disappearance of manners. And not just folks’ manners north of the line, but Southerners. Well, Momma didn’t raise no heathens, and we thought this would be the right time to remind us all of what she and Daddy taught us. Manners might be going out of fashion up here, but they aren’t going to disappear from the South. Not on our watch, they’re not. No ma’am.”

General Manners No. 1
So y’all go check them out – you won’t be disappointed!

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13 thoughts on “The Old Try

  1. I ran across this site a few weeks ago & love it. I too placed an order. Check out a future blog. Great minds think alike. xo

  2. I just love their posters. I am so happy they made a Kentucky one. I also wanted to thank you for the feedback on the leopard rug. I ordered one for my bedroom and I love it!

  3. What size frame did you use and where did you get it? I have the "Love Me Some Jesus" one sitting on my dining room table waiting for a frame. Thanks so much!

  4. Hayley – I bought the 13×19 frame at Michael's with a 40% off coupon. The print is 13×20, I believe, so I just had to trim a little off the ends. Hope that helps, Amanda

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this site…I am ordering one soon! I went to the site today to place the order and found them to be closed on Sundays. Found that to be SOO sweet!


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