Big Boy Room Kick Off

Here’s how it all went down…

Honey: I now know which one of the boys is your favorite.

Me: What on earth are you talking about?

Honey: Look at John’s room…full of cool things and decorated nicely.  Now, look at the baby’s room.  It looks like a victorian grandmother died in there.  Please do what it takes to make the boy a nice room.

(Totally befuddled that he thought I’d actually decorated the baby’s room as opposed to just dumping things in there to tend to later, yet realizing that he just turned over the purse strings, I duly swallow my pride…) 

Me: You’re right.  It is awful.  I was trying to be frugal.  I will certainly make it right.  You did say to do what it takes.  Right?  Mmmm, okay then.  I’m on it lickety split.

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In my defense, the boys have been sharing a room since the baby left his crib earlier this spring and he literally spends zero time in there.  Regardless of the sharing arrangement, I have always planned to do a room for him – but it’s been low on the list – until now.  Recall that the towels are on the balloon shades because the baby proclaimed them to be “BERY (very) SCARY” and wouldn’t step foot in the room.  And the fact that I left that giant hook in the ceiling (what on earth was that there for?) when we did a bazillion dollars of work on the house before move in day is a clear testament to the fact that we did said work while I had a three year old and a three month old and we were squatting at bestie S and Mr. Todd’s house.

Sooooo, here’s what I’m working with…

  • A mish mash of furniture, including a vintage four poster solid maple Ethan Allen bed from my parents (Hear that Sister? I just called you vintage. Which must make me antique), a mattress from Honey’s brother, Honey’s childhood dresser, an antique chair, a thrift store side table and the antique secretary that was in his nursery.

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  • A similar smattering of decorative accessories, including a pair of lamps and a rug found at the Ballard’s outlet, another pair of corbels like in my den, two random plans of wood and a mirror from a local boutique.

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  • A white diamond matelasse coverlet and shams that came off our second guest room bed in our old house and a couple of yards of velvet fabric purchased about a year ago.  It’s Como Gris and is a much prettier blue/gray/green in person. 

And here’s how I envision it all coming together…

Honey is working on removing the hook, painting the room and ceiling and installing crown molding and Mother and I are going to knock out some sewing.  More to come very soon…

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27 thoughts on “Big Boy Room Kick Off

  1. First of all, I love your plan and I recently ordered a sample of a similar buffalo plaid! Second, the fact that your husband told you to "please" do something with that room totally blows my mind. I am sending my husband down there for training…

  2. Looking forward to seeing the after!! My boys shared a room when they were your boys ages, but split up last year. Have fun!!!

  3. Oh, his room will be awesome! I just read about your porch on whether you should screen it in or not….I don't know if you've considered this as an option, but my parents back porch is screened in during the winter months, then in the cooler months they have glass. It's really awesome and a great way to enjoy the space year round!

  4. OMG! i just laughed so hard! your husband's comment is too funny!!! your inspiration board looks great!!! can't wait to see it all come together! the boys are so lucky to have a mom that is so talented at decorating- if only i could do that with my room!! :) xoxo

  5. Love all of it!! We are doing the tan gingham in baby boys big girl room over here when we take him out if the crib!! First I have to find two vintage Jenny Lind twin beds…

  6. Cami – I purchased the mirror last year from G Scott Interiors in Smyrna. It's very similar to Restoration Hardware but he was selling them much cheaper. You might want to give them a call as I haven't been in since their store moved. Hope that helps!!

  7. well, you KNOW i love the room…we'll be twins! you are so lucky you got that fabric at ikea but i'm happy i didn't have to sew my curtains and pillows….i can't wait to see how your baby boy's room turns out.

    we're down at the gulf coast for a few days and i'm anxious to get home and finish up with my headboard & furniture.

    hope you had a great labor day!

  8. Jackie – It kills me that they don't fit in the room with the bed :-( I have them wrapped up in the attic and plan to use them when I turn the play room into my office one day. I imagine that's a few years away still! xo

  9. I am glad you saved them!!!! Those are too gorgeous to depart with!!!!!!!! Oh, I have plenty of room to "store" them if you need to free up some space! ;)

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