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After mass, Honey took the boys and I spent the day with Sister, Mother and Daddy-O down in Senoia at the 2012 Southern Living Idea House.  We’d all already poured over pictures on blogs and in the magazine but it was well worth the hour trip to see it in person and kick around the little historic downtown area.  Now, on to the good stuff…

The house is a revival of an early 19th century cottage-style farmhouse whose interiors were smartly appointed by Tracery of Rosemary Beach, of all places! Nearly all of the furnishings are from Ballard Designs and Ikea and it was impressive to see them in person – I have to say that all of us were surprised at the quality of the wood pieces and comfort of the upholstered pieces.
September 2012 268
The front porch was host to three separate vignettes – including an impressive farmhouse dining table, porch swing and luxurious little side sitting area. September 2012 214 September 2012 212 September 2012 211 September 2012 265
We loved the planed wood in the entry foyer and that both sets of doors were framed with burlap curtains.
September 2012 249
Just to the left of the foyer is the main living space of the house.  There wasn’t much to dislike in this gorgeous room!  Along with the breakfast room it was my favorite space in the house!
September 2012 216 September 2012 223 September 2012 226 September 2012 222
The living room was open to the Ikea kitchen.  Some of the vignettes took the country farmhouse theme a little too far, but overall it was quite nice.
September 2012 224
September 2012 218 September 2012 219
And off the kitchen was my other favorite space.  While the gorgeous upholstered settee and dining chairs wouldn’t work for my crew, they were really beautiful in this little window filled nook.
September 2012 221
Behind the kitchen was the keeping room – and the gingham wall treatment that’s been pinned one gazillion times on Pinterest!  It was really, really gorgeous in person.  I was gaga over all of the Old Try prints throughout the house.
September 2012 227
September 2012 228
Continuing down the hall was the chalkboard-walled laundry room and a mudroom type entry.
September 2012 229 September 2012 231 September 2012 232
The back stairway led to a bed/bath suite overlooking the back courtyard.
September 2012 237 September 2012 239
Going straight down the main entry foyer is the master suite.  It was very large and overly luxurious. 
September 2012 245 September 2012 246 September 2012 247
And, before heading upstairs, we checked out the main floor powder room and one of my favorite nooks in the house.  I adore that deer painting and the collection of vintage trophy cups.
September 2012 243
September 2012 242
Upstairs was the bedroom that inspired some of the fabric choices in the baby’s big boy room.  I also loved the ensuite – especially that gorgeous shower curtain.
September 2012 251 September 2012 252 September 2012 253
The other upstairs bedroom was also very nice.  We all loved the bed side chests and baseball painting.  All of the bedding is from Ikea!
September 2012 254 September 2012 255 September 2012 256
Outside was a nice screened porch with the retractable phantom screens (ahhh…loved those!) that opened onto a small back yard with a sitting area and fire pit.
September 2012 257 September 2012 258
Overall, I’d say the house was one of the more practical and attainable show houses I’ve ever toured.  Nothing was really jaw-dropping, but it was certainly worth the twelve dollars!  After the tour we headed downtown to a few shops and for a “snack” at Maguire’s.  We all raved about our food and I’d definitely recommend checking it out.
September 2012 269
I’m signing the PCP out of school early for a dentist appointment and he’s literally over the moon.  Keep your fingers crossed that the baby goes in half that excited to have his pearly whites checked out :-)

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11 thoughts on “Southern Living 2012 Idea House

  1. Great tour. Although I have seen the house before on blogs, it is always nice to see another perspective. I like how they used mostly Ikea and Ballard. It shows that good design doesn't always have to be so overly expensive!

  2. i'm so glad you got to see the southern living house in person…daughter and sister want to go so we might make a road trip before they "close shop".

    this was the first idea house i'd ever seen in person and i was suitably impressed. wish we'd taken a tour of downtown senoia but we were trying to get to ikea in atlanta. if i go back over, i'll be sure to check out more of the town.

  3. Thank you SO much for the tour! Frankly a better photo tour than I believe the magazine had! :) And…. "Overly luxurious"???? Is that even possible! :)

  4. My favorite pic is the vignette under the stairs….old trophies and that deer painting. You are right. There is a fine line between industrial farmhouse and a collection of "old junk". LOL. Great tour! xo

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