Election Night

Honey and I were up at the crack of dawn and at the poll at 6:40 a.m.  I am so proud of him for registering and exercising his vote for the first time in this important election year!  And tonight we put our Election Night Dinner Plan into action!
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Honey picked up our “Bipartisan Pizza” on his way home (one mushroom, one tomato) and I used our favorite and super easy churros recipe to make “Elephant Ears and Donkey Tails” for dessert.  The Star Spangled Sipper sounded great in theory but turned out a complete mix of colors that didn’t look a thing like the picture.  Of course, the littles sucked it down like it was the last beverage they’d ever see.

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The baby is asleep and we’re all huddled around the tv with Judy’s Apple Cider (delish, by the way!) watching the votes roll in.  John is coloring in his map and we are keeping a tally of states and electoral votes on our poster.  What an exciting and electric night to be an American!
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God bless the U.S.A.!!!!!

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12 thoughts on “Election Night

  1. What an exciting night! You're right-it is a great day to be an American. I love getting a glimpse into the uplifting way you're raising your boys.

  2. As a retired elementary teacher I applaud you. What a terrific way to teach your children about our American voting process. Kudos to you! Love the menu and the great patriotic details………Sarah

  3. Love, love, love this idea! I'm so glad you posted a preview a few days ago! My kids (15 and 10) are having a good time watching the results roll in.

  4. Meant to tell you in my last comment that my girls & I figured out the secret to the star spangled sipper – crushed ice & less than 1/3 of red at the bottom. We tried cube ice first & ours ended up purple. When we tried the crushed ice & poured super slowly it worked. Just something for veterans day or memorial day to keep in mind. :)

    – Hope

  5. Amanda-

    Thank you SO much for posting about this a few days ago. I was able to create a FUN family night for my two boys last night.

    We did the Bipartisan Pizza (I made ours, half cheese and half pepperoni/Canadian bacon), Star Spangled Sipper, and the donkey tails and elephant ears too!
    The boys LOVED it all. I pulled out some fun 4th of July decorations and we sat down to color a map of the US red and blue as the votes rolled in.

    The drink worked for us but we did have to pour VERY carefully and we layered the ice. My older son (7) just absolutely loved this science experiment and fun drink combined. He took a picture of himself drinking it to school today!! :)

    In this month of giving thanks I'd like to say that I'm thankful that you are willing to SHARE your creative spirit with the blogging world. I stumbled across your blog earlier this year when planning our Disney trip (we leave on MONDAY) and I was immediately hooked! I've gotten tons of great ideas from your blog and I really enjoy reading all about you, your sweet boys, your wonderful decorating ideas and most especially your fun family activities!!

    Have a great day!

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