Batman Birthday + Free Printables

Like most of the rest of the world, I’ve spent nearly every waking moment with Friday’s horrific loss in Connecticut weighing heavily on my mind and on my heart.  I had plans to bring cupcakes to the baby’s class in celebration of his birthday that afternoon and I couldn’t help but think of all the parents that sent their littles off to school Friday morning without an inkling that they’d never bring them home again.  I just… well, I have no words.  And in spite of the overwhelming impulse to cry right there in the middle of his classroom, I allowed myself to soak up the young innocence and blissful joy literally emanating from ten precious children that had nary a clue of the horror that had unfolded just hours before.  Again, I have no words, and I have no answers, but I do have a plan – and that plan is to love my children unconditionally, to pray over them constantly, to celebrate with them daily and to be grateful for every minute that I have with them.

We had a simple cupcake celebration for the class.  Cupcakes from WalMart (nut free) were topped with large confetti pieces taped to toothpicks that were left over from the PCP’s Batman Birthday of yore.  The baby also wore the Batman shirt that Mother made for John’s party and I was thanking my lucky stars when I found the birthday hat stashed in the party closet.  I filled yellow treat bags with crayons (also left over from the PCP’s party) and made little coloring books to go with them.  Sister sent me the sticker from a project she did for a friend.
 December 2012 104 copy
December 2012 112 copy
December 2012 098 copy
December 2012 100 copy
December 2012 114 copy

If you’re planning a Batman birthday celebration in the near future, I thought I’d share the coloring pages and the labels.  I can’t figure out why the dots are squirrely on the labels – but the price is right nonetheless :-)
Batman Coloring Pages

Batman Circle Tags

And after we sang to the man of the hour and gobbled up the sweets, I couldn’t have been happier to sign him out and bring him home. 

All of my thoughts and prayers are in CT…

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2 thoughts on “Batman Birthday + Free Printables

  1. Hi Amanda, I was wondering if you would share which program you use to design all your round labels? Do you use avery labels? I was trying to design some cute round labels for Valentine's Day but word is extremely limited with its design… I haven't tried to get the avery template into photoshop where I have designed all of my straight edge designs but I thought I might ask you before I waste more of my time. I want to do something simple like these batman round sticker designs… Thanks!

  2. Jordan – I actually had to make a template in powerpoint after much trial and error. These labels are some off brand from (I think) and none of the templates worked for it. LMK if you have any questions! Amanda

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