Disney Breakfast Bags

This year we aren’t on the Disney Dining Plan so we only have a few reservations for a few special things.  The majority of the time we’ll be eating on our own, which is just fine by me.  Like last year, I’m packing cereal bars, poptarts, juice boxes and milk boxes so that the littles can eat breakfast on the go from the resort to the parks each morning.  This worked well for us last year (when we didn’t have a reservation) and saved a good deal of money.  Not to mention, entering the park already fueled up allows us to hit the rides before the lines get long!

September 2011 180

Unlike last year, I have not packaged them up all pretty like.  I mean, had no red bags left and a bunch of episodes of Gossip Girl have been angling for my attention.  I figure we’ll throw them in their stockings each morning and call it a meal :-) 

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8 thoughts on “Disney Breakfast Bags

  1. One of my favorite places on earth is Disney World. Several years ago my husband went for the very first time. Its true, even middle aged men become kids at Disney. He received his "My First Visit" button at check in, and wore it proudly to each park. Have fun!!

  2. My friends and I love your blog – do you already have a post that details the planning you put into the Disney reservations? I am a rookie and wondered if you have any suggestions or tips. Also, I am interested to hear how seasons compare, best time of year to go? Fall? Winter?
    Keep up the good work girl! Your children are a delight to you and that is evidenced by the special touches you put into loving them!

  3. We went to Disney in October and didn't do the Dining Plan. I liked not being tied down so much to reservations and we saved money by eating in our room and taking sandwiches into the park for lunch!

  4. We didn't do dining plan either in November. You can easily order an adult meal such as a flat bread pizza (pinochio's restaurant) and the boys can share it. This is what we did a lot. We also brought in lots of cheezits, granola bars and water bottles. Don't forget to bring crystal light to add to it. :)


  5. Oh one more thing….bring your refill mugs from last year! The design has stayed the same and you can use them with no problem! That's what we do! ;)


  6. Here's one of my favorite Disney Do's or at least try to do….Arrive at the Magic Kingdom before they open. The train arrives filled with characters who are singing, dancing and sprinkling the crowd with pixie dust! It can truly make one squeal like a mouse!

  7. Loving your Disney posts! Can't wait to 'see' your trip in pics and posts! WDW is just MAGICAL at Christmas! The Santa and Mrs. Clause at America in Epcot are just BEAUTIFUL!!!

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