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We purchased a Disney package with a dining plan, and since we booked all those reservations exactly one hundred and eighty days before the last day of our stay (you veteran Disney-goers must know all about that), I already know that we will be having breakfast in our room two days while we’re there.

So, as I usually do before a trip to anywhere other than my parent’s house, I stocked up on cereal bars, milk boxes, pop tarts and various snacks.  Now, here’s where I diverge from the “usual” – throwing the aforementioned goods in a grocery bag and calling it a day.  Instead, earlier this week I found the littles slumbering, Honey glued to the tele and me with idle hands.  And you know what they say about idle hands…  Well, let’s just be glad I didn’t go there.  Instead, I went to work making little breakfast bags and decorating our snacks.  (OMG.  As I write this I am realizing just how ridiculous this sounds.  I should have just ironed.  Or wrangled the monstrous dust bunnies under my bed. Or slept.)

Red bags left over from Elmo Party, napkins on clearance at Party City.  Stickers made by yours truly (with loads of extras to use in some way, shape or form at the baby’s pah-tay.)  Apple will obviously be replaced with a fresh version.  (Or no version at all. I thought it really rounded out my picture.)
Teddy Graham cups from Dollar Tree with label removed and sticker on top.
Belly Washers apple juice from WalMart – $2 each on the juice aisle.  Labels removed.
Snack mix containers upcycled from Dollar Tree Fritos cans.  Water bottles from etsy.
Now, I’m going to be brutally honest for a moment… I do this stuff because I love doing it.  And I love making little moments for my littles as special as I possibly can.  Period.  I know this is all absurdly unnecessary.  It’s just what I do at night when football is on and my DVR has been emptied of Pretty Little Liar episodes.

Flattered for the feature on Crafting in the Rain!

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19 thoughts on “Disney Eats

  1. I think it is just awesome to go all out… Another thing we did was have "Tinkerbell" visit each night and leave a small sercy for the little ones… We did simple things like safari hats on the morning that we went to Animal Kingdom, etc. The kids loved waking up to a surprise each day… :)

  2. I don't think it's over the top at all. Just little touches that will make the trip that much more magical. Lucky, lucky kids!

    We have had the Disney Dining plan on our last two trips and loved it. We particularly enjoyed Ohana, Cinderella's Castle, and the character dining at the Garden Grill.

  3. I LOVE the snack bag idea. We are taking our triplets to Disney in December and I am going to go all out of course. And, yes we will be wearing matching t-shirt on our first day :)

  4. I love being able to go all out for my kids, esp. on a budget. This post made me think of what I can do while my in-laws are staying with us. Now to go think of a theme!

  5. Hi! I found you through Pinterest and I think this is INCREDIBLE!!! It's such a fun way to make every detail magical! We're taking our son next Summer and I'm stealing all your ideas! :)

  6. Hi! I found you through Pinterest and I think this is INCREDIBLE!!! It's such a fun way to make every detail magical! We're taking our son next Summer and I'm stealing all your ideas! :)

  7. Abbsolutely adorable!!!! I love that you spent your time on them and I don't think they are over the top…I think you are making memories!!! LOVE IT!

  8. This is an awesome idea!! What did you use to make the stickers on the crakers containers and what did you use for the labels on the snack mix containers??

  9. Jessica –

    For the cracker containers I first cut and taped on the red scalloped circle. Then I topped that with a round label from Office Depot. The snack mix containers are simply wrapped in a piece of printed cardstock. I cut it down to size to fit the container and then taped it on with double stick tape.

    I hope that helps!

  10. Thank you, thank you ,thank you. You have given me such great ideas and I have already taken several! You helped make it easier to plan our trip to Disney and make it even more memorable.

  11. Emily, I would love to but when my computer crashed a few months ago it was in a folder we didn't get copied over to the new hard drive :-( We are going back to Disney later this year and I hope to recreate it. I will def post it then. Amanda

  12. Hi! I tried emailing but couldn't get the email address that you have listed to work :(
    I love your Disney posts!
    We are getting ready to leave for Disney and I saw where you said you would not recommend lunch reservations. Did breakfast and dinner work out better for you? Any advice is welcomed!!! Thank you :)

  13. Hi! I love your blog! You are an amazing mom! May I ask how you took the writing off of the Teddy Grams plastic container? I've tried everything on the Oreo container but the ink will not come off. Thanks!

  14. Hi Alicia, They just had a plastic wrapper around them that I cut off with scissors. It wasn't printed on the actual container itself. Maybe they've changed?? Good luck! A

  15. Love everything you did!! We are planning a Disney Cruise for next year and I have gotten SO MANY IDEAS from you!! We are also going to surprise them the day of with the news of a trip!

  16. I love this post, and i am probably not going to make all of this. that being said…… Don't apologize for who you are (unless you are a criminal.) Doing this wonderful thing for your children, however small or big, makes you a good mom, and they will see that. Packing a breakfast instead of eating out every meal make you a practical mom, they will see that. ( and a practical wife for that matter.) And doing this project instead of ironing makes you a real person. And we, as other moms and blog readers know what that is like. It makes you a real person. Thank you for the wonderful I deals. I especially like that you added prices. That truly motivates me a little more.
    Keep at it momma, with no apologies!

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