Disney Day 1: Hollywood Studios + Fantasmic

Our days in Disney start at the crack of dawn, with the littles tugging us out of bed at first light.  And our first park of the trip was Hollywood Studios!! Disney December 2012 007 We bee-lined for Pixar Place to pick up Toy Story Mania fast passes and our return time wasn’t until around 3p.m.!  After that, we headed right across the street to meet Woody and Buzz and have them sign our books.  The wait for them was pretty long, but the littles entertained themselves with all the fun props along the way. Disney December 2012 019 Disney December 2012 023 Disney December 2012 026 Another favorite was Disney Junior Live on Stage.  Both enjoyed this last year and this year was no exception!  Characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Little Einstein’s and Handy Manny act out a cute story.  Right outside we met Handy Manny.  Jake was also there but you do have to make some hard choices while in Disney :-) Disney December 2012 027 Disney December 2012 030 In this same little area is one of my favorite shows – Voyage of the Little Mermaid.  I love that Ariel is “real” and beautiful. Disney December 2012 036 Disney December 2012 043 And in the back of this same courtyard, you can meet and have a variety of characters sign books!  We did Sorcerer Mickey and the Incredibles.  Disney December 2012 047 Disney December 2012 048 Disney December 2012 050  After lunch (which likely wasn’t the smartest call), we headed over to some serious rides – Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster.  Honey (who admittedly doesn’t care for roller coasters) and the baby alike did the Tower of Terror with us.  And it was smiles all around!! Disney December 2012 033 Disney December 2012 035 The Hollywood Studios Pixar and Pals parade is not to be missed.  It has some of my littles favorite characters! Disney December 2012 054 Disney December 2012 063 Disney December 2012 067 Disney December 2012 075 Disney December 2012 076 Disney December 2012 082 We had a great spot for the parade right near Star Tours, so that was next up on the list.  We learned a little secret to be the “spy” on board here – don’t put your glasses on until the cast member tells you to and sit looking straight forward so they can snag your mug!  Disney December 2012 085 Disney December 2012 087 Disney December 2012 090 After Star Tours, we went back over to Toy Story Mania and hit Muppet Vision 3D (ok show, nice dark place to rest). Disney December 2012 092 Disney December 2012 095 Disney December 2012 127 We had dinner reservations at Hollywood & Vine as part of the Fantasmic Dining Package.  The buffet style food was okay, yet pretty pricey.  However, we did have great guaranteed seats for the show that night!  And the show was just AMAZING.  It was truly one of the best we’ve seen at Disney!!  Be warned that parts of it (ie. fire breathing dragon) were a little scary for Whit.  Disney December 2012 096 Disney December 2012 099 Disney December 2012 104 Disney December 2012 106 Disney December 2012 108 Disney December 2012 112 Disney December 2012 114 Disney December 2012 124  We wrapped up a fun filled first day at the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  Millions of lights cover the street in Hollywood Studios and are choreographed to holiday carols.  It was stunning and memorable! Disney December 2012 131 Disney December 2012 132 Disney December 2012 138

The littles were complete troopers – no strollers, no whining and no crying.  Just a fantastic first day in the happiest place on earth!! xoxo See all things DiSnEy here! See more Hollywood Studios here!

8 thoughts on “Disney Day 1: Hollywood Studios + Fantasmic

  1. I am getting goosebumps reading this! What memories it brings back! Oh the Osborne lights are so beautiful.So amazing you have to actually be there to really understand the beauty! I am hoping and praying we make it there this summer! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amanda,

    Love your Disney posts! We were there last week and it was great! Love all the information.

    Erika S.

  3. What a great memory! We are going next Thanksgiving, so I hope these decorations are up then! I love how coordinated the boys are and am going to do the same thing for my boys. Love their shoes and personalized t's! I imagine everyone is asking you about them! BTW, I am in love, love, love with your shoes! They look comfy, but not as bulky as a tennis shoe! Could you please, please, please share the brand name? Have fun!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Hollywood Studio's is such a fun park! I can't believe you didn't even need a stroller! Even my 5 year old begs for the stroller at the parks haha.

  5. Loving your Disney adventure! We are a Disney family, too, although our kids are now grown. Just a word of caution…it's really not a good idea to have you kids name' on their T shirts. It just makes it easier for any potentially evil person to get their attention. We are all lulled into a false sense of security at "the happiest place on earth", but their are bad people everywhere. This bit of wisdom comes from our daughter who performed at Disney world. After college.

  6. Amy – I have had them for years and years. I am more of a ballerina flat kinda girl, but on occasion do need a good walking shoe :-) I bought them at Macy's and they are called Rocket Dog shoes. Hope that helps! Amanda

  7. Ha ha, that's exactly how my mom feels about Muppet*Vision 3-D–a good place to take a nice nap. lol
    It's one of my favorite attractions at Walt Disney World! :)

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