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One of my family’s rather untraditional New Year’s traditions is to tune in for the premiere tour of the new HGTV Dream Home.  Afterwards, Mother, Sister and I debrief room by room, talking about every little detail that we loved (and those not-so-much.)  Linda Woodrum has been the dream home designer of choice for quite a few years and is pretty much a celebrity as far as we’re concerned (Sister shopped along side her at Scott’s a few years ago and promptly called to report back on exactly what she was procuring.)  

Without a doubt, my favorite thing about the 2013 Dream Home was its choice location in Kiawah Island.  I mean, I’d have taken any of the houses up for the win over the years, but this one would literally be a DREAM! 

The marsh views from the multiple porches were to die for.

I loved the idea of the old iron Charleston gates over the fire place, but that focal wall felt a little cold to me overall.  However, looking from the other direction, the room was super gorgeous and sumptuous.

While I adored the blues, browns, linens and muted greens, this citron color was a little too prominent for my taste.  That would really be my only complaint.

I could seriously take this pantry and slap it right onto my kitchen.  I love that the look is very attainable and wouldn’t be too outrageous to DIY.  I think this would be a great look for my laundry room that’s on our 2013 project list.  I can’t get enough of the oversized, off centered prints layered over the shelves.  And now I know where I could put a few demijohns around this part without them getting broken (a conundrum I’ve pondered many times.)

I thought this was fun and dramatic and perfect for a powder room.  Love the horizontal pin stripes – a fresh take on the bold striped walls we’ve been seeing for years.

The loft area would be perfect for the littles.  I love the indigo and white but wasn’t crazy about the art.

The master suite was just lovely.  Serene and tranquil and lovely.  The large white framed sea fans were one of my favorite pieces of art in the whole house.  I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for some time now.

The guest suite was one of my very favorite spaces.  I loved the pops of indigo and the updated traditional bed with the geographic rug.  The bathroom was definitely my favorite of the lot with its clean and simple lines.

The bunk nook was cute and colorful and my littles would love it.  The rope handles on the drawers were a perfect detail!

I really can’t say enough good things about this room.  I just loved every little detail and thought it would make for a super sweet girl room for the girl that’s not all gaga over pink (is there such a thing?).  I used to have the same stripes in the dining room of my old house  – alternating flat paint and satin paint in the same color.

Since the garage is also on our 2013 project list, I was completely wowed by this one.  I mean, check out that polished concrete floor for heaven’s sake.  And that “playroom” is TOO much. 

So that’s a little mini tour of the 2013 HGTV Dream Home.  What did you think?  I know I’d be happy as a clam to move right in :-) 

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20 thoughts on “HGTV Dream Home 2013

  1. I always make sure I catch the HGTV Dream Home on New Year's but I did take a peak on the website before I watched it this year. I would just die for that place! You are right, the location this year is fabulous! I think my favorites were the bedrooms. Just gorgeous! You can bet I will be entering every day! I am already planning my "acceptance speech"!

  2. Check out my post tomorrow on the same topic. I have to agree with you on that use of citron color…I am not a fan of it used so prominently. I too love the location. I am also not a fan of Zen design. xo

  3. Thanks for sharing! I agree on the citron but love the other colors in a beach house. Hey… not so fast Shelley…Kiawah holds a special place for us and I'm pretty sure that house is mine! We honeymooned there years ago and used to vacation with there with our girls!

    Beautiful location and home!


  4. i watched it last night and loved most of it…i think the guest cottage was my favorite! but i'll take anything near charleston…love that city!

  5. It has become a tradition for me too these past many years…so love Kiawah Island…Beautiful home and they certainly did not hold back on the colors…i love this home…but I think the one in Maine years ago is my favorite…

  6. Amanda…I loved your recap of this Dream Home….I too would move right in and simply loved the indigo room….my fav more so than the master. BTW…I have a 12, soon to be 13 year old girl who LOVEs blue….that blue and squealed with delight when she saw that lovely guest room in the dream home! (she use to love pink but has aparently "grown up"…… well, If I don't win….sure hope that you do…..i hope it goes to someone who would love the location…..I sure would!

  7. I really loved that citron- and that surprised me. I wouldn't wear it but I loved it in the house decor. Wonder if you'd get sick of looking at it?

  8. I think my absolute favorite room in the house is the Master Suite. I adore the rug in that room, and an trying to determine if the rug is laid over carpet. I've long played with the idea of a large area rug over carpet in my bedroom and really like that idea.

  9. I just loved this post!
    ( I do a series of open houses on Wednesdays because I love looking in houses lol )
    What a gorgeous place!

  10. I first saw this at the HGTV, and I was totally fascinated with the design of the house, particularly the deck area. The deck is so big, which is very good for big gatherings. The mini pool is such a nice addition. I would love it even more if it has a grilling station or a mini bartending area. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. ->Keaton Oakes

  11. WOW! This is a jaw-dropping house. What I like the most here is the living room with large windows and glass doors. The large windows let the natural light in, providing enough lighting to the entire house and eliminating the need for additional lighting fixtures. And the view outside is so breathtaking. I’d love to live there forever. #Leah

  12. Many people get their home inspiration through HGTV Dream Home's episodes. Each episode motivates you to turn your home into a gorgeous home that everyone can dream of. Well, this house is without a doubt a dream home. Everything makes the place captivating. I like how the color of the walls as it matches with every piece. The bedrooms and the bathrooms stood out to me though. I find the green and turquoise striped walls very attractive!

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