I’m still under the weather – but thankful that nobody else around here seems to be fazed by any sort of cold bug.  I caught Country Strong last night on some cable network and it was so darn good I couldn’t stand it.  I was completely shocked by both Gwyneth’s and Leighton’s songs.  And I spent the whole two and a half hours swooning over Garrett Hedlund (whose name I’d never heard before last night.)  There’s just something incredibly attractive about a country boy that can croon.
Garrett Hedlund, Country Strong
While on the topic of the good old tele, who else is just over the moon with excitement for the Downton Abbey Season 3 premiere tomorrow night??  I will be positively despondent if Mary and Matthew don’t tie the knot and I simply cannot wait to see how things unfold for the Bates’.  (How is it that I feel like I know these people?)

While Honey and the baby did some work around the house, the PCP beat me fair and square in a marathon two hour plus game of Monopoly this morning.  No offense to Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, but I’m thrilled to finally have some real games to play.  (That being said, Memory and Whack-a-Mole are still two of my all time favorites.)
Speaking of the PCP, last night he dazzled me with this little gem of what’s to come:  “I can’t wait to be an uncle when aunchie’s baby hatches.  I’m going to teach her how to wrestle and do ninja karate.”  Love that he a) thinks he’s going to be an uncle and 2) calls the birthing “hatching”.  Just a few more weeks…

Have y’all seen this floating around on Facebook?  I seriously… SERIOUSLY… thought the year 2013 was eons away back when Daddy-O took us to see this movie at the good old Victory Drive cinemas.  Eons away AND that I’d probably be in a nursing home by then.  Hard to believe that day in the future was yesterday.

I pinned this chair this week and can’t get it out of my mind.  Y’all know this girl loooooves some pink!  These eyes are peeled for a junk store version I can remake.  Gorgey!
Love this pink + gold chair
Lastly, I want to ask y’all to send prayers to bestie Ron of Uptown Acorn.  Complications from the flu he’s been battling have left him in ICU for the past two days.  He’s one of the best friends a girl could ask for and I can’t wait for him to be back to his old self – I miss coffee tawk and our daily texts, emails and debriefs on matters of utmost importance (ie. cocktails, decor and crafts gone wrong.)  Much love, Ron!!! xoxo

The sweetest four year old face I’ve ever seen just popped back in my room after I thought he was long gone for the night.  I suppose I’ll have to lie down with him.  Such a shame :-)

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14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I have much to say on this post! First – Feel better soon! I can't wait for Downton to start too. Yes, I feel like I know all of them too. Whack a mole is hands down one of my favs! My boys LOVE monopoly. Me not so much. Just ask my very competitive sister why…
    SO SORRY to hear about Ron! Hopping over to shoot him some bloggy love now….

  2. Omg that chair!!! That pink just makes me happy! So excited for Downton tomorrow. Prayers for your friend. I'm so sorry! Hope you're feeling better too!

  3. I caught a marathon of Downton over Christmas break amd I am totally in love! I can't wait until Season 3 starts tomorrow night! I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Oh poor Ron! That flu is supposed to be nasty this year and none of us up here have had flu shots. I hope he is ok. Sending my prayers. I hope you are feeling better too! …Gotta check out that movie!

  5. I just watched Country Strong too, loved it! Heartbreaking though! Can't wait to hear about your sister's baby girl!!

  6. Feel better! We've all battled the cold/flu our entire break and it's still hanging around with the start of school/work looming tomorrow. Ugh. Can't wait for Downton Abbey tonight!
    Heidi :)

  7. Our local PBS station had a viewing of the first half of Downton Abbey yesterday on the big screen at the local historic theater. It was beautiful. I fought back tears several times. You won't be disappointed.

  8. Hello, Amanda! I love your blog, and recently found it through Ron's amazing NOLA blog (I live about 20 mins away from him). I am so sorry to hear that he is having such a hard time with the flu! I will be praying for his swift recovery.

    I also wanted to let you know that I showed my husband the Back to the Future picture, and he said the date was wrong! It's actually October 2015 in the movie (I think). People have been editing the pic and posting it on facebook!! Good news is that you have another two years before your're in the nursing home. LOL

    Again, love love your blog! Thanks for sharing your life with us :)

  9. I've been counting down for Downton since the last season ended….they made us wait a looooong time!

    I hope your BFF feels better soon, yikes, how scary!

    Here are some other series we just finished and are getting into on Apple TV: Jericho, Homeland, Sherlock….pass any along you like!

    And lastly, where did you have your chairs recovered and monogrammed at? Love!!!

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