Ringing in 2013

Although the littles stayed up with us to usher in the new year, it was a relatively quite night over all.  And this first day of January in the South brought dreary skies and the tenth anniversary of our traditional New Year’s Day eats.
January 2013 004 copy  January 2013 009 copy  
I adore the juxtaposition of a little grit and a lot of glam, so silver, crystal and candlelight glittered over a simple length of burlap on the table.  I pulled last year’s Bonne Annee kraft paper pennant out for another go round.
January 2013 011 copy

January 2013 018 copy

Sister and her Mister made the delish pork roast and Honey and I made the rest of our standard fare – hoppin john for luck, bourbon bacon greens (I substitute turnips) for wealth, honey cornbread muffins, the Pirate’s House pecan pie (recipe here), sweet tea and champagne.

January 2013 003 copy 
Hoppin John

1 c celery chopped
2 sweet onions chopped
1 green pepper chopped
6 slices bacon, ham pieces or ham bone – cooked
Salt and pepper to taste (about 1 tsp and 1/2 tsp respectively)
1 c uncooked rice

can of chicken broth plus enough water to have all the rice almost covered
container fresh black eyed peas (or two if you like a lot of peas like we do!)

Combine everything in a large pot.  Bring to boil and then lower to simmer for about 40 mins or until rice is cooked and veggies are tender.  You may need to add water if it cooks out before rice is done.  
I liberally salt and pepper it and Honey adds hot sauce.

January 2013 022

After stuffing our gullets we splayed out all over the den for a lazy day of watching football.  I’m already mourning the end of the holidays, as Honey heads back to work tomorrow.
Happy New Year, y’all!

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13 thoughts on “Ringing in 2013

  1. Happy New Year!! We are still splayed in the great room of our friends watching football! Sorry hubby has to head back to work tomorrow :( When do the boys head back to school??

  2. Looks delicious. Yes, it has been a very dreary day!! Just hubby and I tonight, as Elie is back home in her apartment preparing for work and Katie is participating in the Passion conference. Looks like a spaghetti night and lots of football!!

  3. Happy new year! Looks like a delicious menu and your table looks beautiful as always!


  4. Happy New Year Amanda. Your table looks festive and your meal delicious. We had a dreary COLD day in Texas, just perfect to start the Christmas take down.
    Wishing your lovely family a wonderful 2013.

  5. Happy New Year! I just love your blog! It has given me tons of inspiration over the last few months. Thanks so much for writing it! I hope that your family has a wonderful 2013 and I look forward to reading a little bit about it. Meredith

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