The Naughty Leprechaun Story

Last night kicked off what I hope will become a new tradition in our household – The Naughty Leprechaun Story by Atlanta mom Stephanie Hicks!

While we were away in Savannah, it seems a pair of leprechaun twins left us with their story and our very own golden coin.  What luck!

March 2013 029 copy

I (literally) threw together this tablescape for the BBQ supper Mother and Daddy-O sent back with us (knowing I’d arrive home at supper time with not a thing in the fridge.)

March 2013 027 copy
I picked up the mini shamrock attachment for my Happy Everything plate at Polka Dots in Savannah.  The shamrocks from Miracle Greenhouse will spend the next few days on the kitchen table before I plant them in the yard.

March 2013 028 copy
The littles were all ears as I read them the story of the Naughty Leprechaun.  Here’s the gist…
Each year starting on March 14, Liam the good leprechaun and his twin brother Leyland the naughty leprechaun visit little lads in the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day! Liam rewards doing your best by leaving treasures and treats, while Leyland creates all sorts of mischief.  Before bed, children leave the coin out with the face of the twin they’d like to visit that night facing up.  If they have tried their best that day then they have created their luck and the wish will be granted.  If they did not then they will have to wait and see which of the twins visits in the morning – it’s just the luck of the draw.  On the last night, both twins visit leaving tricks, treats and treasure for St. Patrick’s morn!

March 2013 029 copy

March 2013 032 copy
March 2013 033

The littles both agreed that they wanted a visit from Liam on the first night, so they carefully laid the coin out before going to bed.

March 2013 030 copy

And wonder of all wonders, look what the little imp left behind!  A treat indeed!
March 2013 362 copy

Pots ‘o gold (pots from Party City, chocolate coins from Dollar Tree)…

March 2013 362 copy2

…and shamrock hot chocolate!  (See the how to here – it’s super easy)

March 2013 365 copy

Something tells me they will be hoping for Leyland tomorrow.  I’d better get my naughty thinking cap on :-)  A huge thank you goes out to bestie S for bending my ear about this fun find!

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  1. I need this book! We have several St. Patrick's Day books at our house, but not this one. Looks like lots of fun. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend!

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