Shamrock Hot Chocolate + Snack

This easy peasy little treat falls under the category of teaching an old dog new tricks.  Recall back at Valentine’s Day when we made a same ‘cept different variety.

Yesterday, I served up Shamrock Hot Chocolate along side a cup of Lucky Charms (or Magic Stars as the Publix brand is called) for a sweet after school treat.  So what that it was seventy something degrees outside and our pearly whites had just been professionally cleaned at a remarkably uneventful trip to the dentist :-).

Simply thaw a tub of Cool Whip, stir in food coloring to tint, spread in a parchment lined pan, refreeze and then use a cookie cutter to make festive shapes.  This time I used Lite Cool Whip and it just didn’t refreeze as well as the regular stuff.  Look here for all the gory details.  I rimmed the mugs with green tinted sugar left over from Mardi Gras and topped the whole thing off with a green straw (because straws make everything more fun to drink.)

March 2012 394I’ll leave you with a picture of the baby…lord knows where this child gets his sense of fashion.  While the skeleton pjs, batting glove and pirate patch are all quite…um…remarkable, it’s definitely brother’s undies on his head that makes the ensemble.
March 2012 399
Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all!

Flattered for the feature at The 36th Avenue!

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8 thoughts on “Shamrock Hot Chocolate + Snack

  1. OH! I LOVE those shamrock frozen cool whip things! Gonna make some for the kids!!!! Love your little guys sense of style. We have Princesses here! xo Diana

  2. That hot chocolate is soo cute! But the undies on the head take the cake…lol. Nice. Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

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