I’ll start off with a little off-color potty humor.  I mean, after all, talk surrounding the potty is all the rage around these parts.  The new Kmart ad had Sister and I in stitches….STITCHES…earlier in the week. 

My dear friend and new neighbor H left Barefoot Contessa’s Salted Caramel brownies in my mailbox this weekend.  Some of the best chocolate I’ve had in a good long while!  What I wouldn’t give to be Jeffrey (Ina’s main squeeze). He has all the luck.

photo 3 (4)

Our porch is literally swimming in pollen.  When we covered everything with tarps for the pre-paint pressure washing I had no idea it would stay like that for weeks on end.  Here’s to hoping that today’s nasty weather will bring a little relief for those of us just wanting to sit on our back porch and enjoy spring.

photo 4 (2)

I adore leftover pizza.  Cold.  For breakfast.  So imagine my disappointment when I pulled out that last leftover slice only to find this…  Tell me I’m not the only one who’s husband puts the crust back in the container and the container back in the fridge after a midnight snack.

photo 4 (3)

My go-to breakfast for months now has been organic fat free vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries and honey.  You know…for the days when the only thing left of the leftover pizza is the crust.  It actually makes me look forward to getting out of bed.  No, really!

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I was knocked off my feet by how many of you took the time to respond to my Skirting the Issue question.  After much thought (and the fact that I don’t have one inch of that fabric left), I’ve decided to leave the arm chairs unskirted.  And I love it!  Pics coming as soon as the sun comes out (but not this weekend seeing as I’ll be living at the ball field.)

April 2013 135 copy

I cannot get Angie Reuter’s latest painting out of my mind.  It’s gigantic and completely gorg in person.  I really really really want one!!

Speaking of things I want, I need to know… are Tieks really as fabulous as everyone claims?  The former ballerina in me is intrigued. 

I found this gem of a spider in my basement this week.  I described him as a “tarantula” to Honey on the phone and the PCP latched right on to that.  So much so that when I was volunteering in his science lab the next day (they were studying spiders, of all things) he raised his hand and told the whole class about the “tarantula infestation” in our house.  Lovely.  (But not quite as bad and the sweet little gal that then told the class about the cockroaches in her house.  Her momma is as cute as they come and would die of embarrassment if she got wind of it.)  If you’re wondering, this cocktail glass has been permanently relocated to Honey’s storage room.

photo 1 (8)

Since the porch is dripping in pollen covered tarps, the baby and I have just enjoyed our lunches this week on the driveway.  Can I just tell you how much I adore a child that is happy as a lark to dine on a plate of hummus, pimento cheese, pickled okra and fresh strawberries for lunch?  It makes me so happy that I obliged when he requested sweet tea with mint to drink. 

photo 2 (8)

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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19 thoughts on “Musings

  1. The pizza thing cracks me up! My husband doesn't usually put a tiny piece back though. Instead, he has been known to finish the last of something I was hoping to have for lunch the next day…and then leave the dirty dish in the sink instead of easily loading it into the dishwasher! Sounds like you have had a fun week…well except the pizza..oh and the pollen!

  2. What a funny post to wake up to! Husbands have a way of sniffing out the best leftovers. I will confess to a secret hiding place (behind cookbooks) where I have been known to stash Girl Scout cookies.
    I was thinking that an oversized shallow dough bowl filled with oyster shells might make a lovely start to your dining room tablescape. Just an idea to get you going…
    I love your 'musings' posts! So full of random fun!
    Happy Friday!

  3. OH.MY.WORD. What a spider! I have an unnatural fear of the little buggers and your's totally made me gasp. Kudos to you for being brave and catching it!! I'm forever impressed (knowing that I would have run back up the stairs, screaming hysterically)! Have a great weekend!
    Julia from Spartanburg

  4. ok, I had all sorts of things to say until I saw the spider. eeew. hate spiders.

    I'm impressed with your little guy's lunch choices- pimiento cheese and pickled okra? he's a southern boy alright!

  5. Intrigued by the Tieks. T. Burch flats do not fit my feet that well so maybe this is another option. LHG

  6. the snack looks delicious! YUM! i think im gonna get that next time i go to the grocery store!

    and i also LOVE cold pizza for breakfast hahah. even though i graduated college, i sure still love it lol! i also get disappointed when im saving up frozen pizza for breakfast, only to see that theres only a few bites left! :*( (living with older brothers.. typical. lol)

    i havent tried tieks but have been intrigued as well. they're too much like my Hollywood Fashionista roll up flats! if they are on sale, i would like a pair tho!

    and that painting is so dreamy! sigh.. happy friday! XOXO

  7. Eeek! That spider is TERRIFYING! But I loved everything else about your post, it's just so fun. Happy Friday!

  8. I am very impressed by your baby's lunch plate. My kids won't eat okra nor pimento cheese and they are in college.

    Eating in the driveway with that cutie had to be a blast.

  9. I am surprised to see 25 students in the class photo! I am a teacher, and our limit is 22 and in my age group, 21. That teacher deserves an award!

  10. We loved our screened porch for several years. One year we couldn't use it until June because of pollen and spent several days cleaning hoping it was over only to discover more pollen covering everything a couple of days later. We decided that was the last season of pollen for us! We now have it glassed in and love it. With windows that open on each end for air circulation and to hear the birds we are enjoying it so much more. As for the okra, I love it raw and cut up in salads instead of croutons! And spiders are my worst nightmare. I would have run screaming for my husband, hoping that he would be able to find it when he made it into the room. It is a good thing that he is retired and available!
    I have two little grandchildren and love your ideas for making the everyday special.

  11. I am so impressed by "baby's" lunch choices!!! I am curious to know if you make your own pimento cheese or what your favorite brand is. I haven't had a pimento cheese sandwich in years!! As always, thanks for the laughs :)

  12. I brew my tea in a coffee maker (dedicated to only tea). Two family sized tea bags + 1 c. sugar. We grow mint in the garden. Before pouring a glass I just add a few crushed mint leaves, fill with ice and add the tea. So yummy!

    My go to pimento cheese is definitely Palmetto Cheese. My Publix carries it but it's much cheaper at Costco. I used to make my own but this can't be beat!

  13. Amanda, I laughed all thru this post!! The Kmart commercial is hilarious! They closed all of their stores here; so, I don't get to see their commercials anymore. I love mint in my sweet tea, too! In fact, I just posted it today!

  14. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who's little ones are obsessed with all things potty….my 4 year old taught the baby to say "poo poo" at the dinner table the other night. Not exactly my proudest parenting moment. Highlighted only by the fact that my kiddies then called their grandparents to relay the exciting news–lol. To be honest though, I do smile every time the little guy says it in his 1 year old voice.


  15. Hi DD!!

    The hubby doesn't do the pizza thing, but, does it to the cookies. Not like bagged cookies from Mr. Christie, but, the soft ones that come by the doz from the bakery. I gotta love him!!

    That spider would scare me to death. Once my little guy (he was 7yrs old) was screaming his head off. In the bathroom sink was the biggest spider I ever saw. I put it in a jar and nobody could tell me what kind of spider it was. Not even at the pet store!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  16. My 19 year old daughter called to tell me about the kmart commercial. She think they have saved their business and loves this!

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