Project Curb Appeal: The Paint

Would you believe that even after an entire day worth of rain, there is STILL pollen stuck to parts of the house?!  I have come to the conclusion that this is probably what happens every year, I just never noticed since I spent my time trying NOT to look at the paint peeling off the house.  In spite of it all, I got my camera out and finally took some pictures.

I’ve got ten crossed fingers and toes that demo will start on the front porch today!!! 

April 2013 291 copy

Please avert your eyes from the lovely yard.  It does the new paint no justice.  No justice at all.  I almost couldn’t bear to show it.  Hopefully this time next month it will be grass!

April 2013 297 copy

A close up of the door next to the trim next to the house.

April 2013 292 copy
I’m as pleased as punch with the new look.  And I’m chomping at the bit to get started on the rest of the project!! 

*channels Thomas and sings to self patience is a virtue*

Wouldn’t you just know the baby would choose the precise moment (and only moment ever, by the way) that I’m watching Thomas on YouTube to come in.  Here’s to hoping the promise of chocolate in his milk will prove a speedy diversion from those crotchety trains…

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16 thoughts on “Project Curb Appeal: The Paint

  1. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing :) How do you like your front door? We are considering replacing ours with one that has more glass.

  2. Isn't it nice to check it off your list?It looks beautiful! Love the color combos. I would love to see the porch ceiling since I am getting ready for paint soon too and this time I plan on adding a little haint blue to the porch ceiling!

  3. Amanda,
    I have been looking forward to seeing the new paint and I wasn't disappointed! I love the front door and I think the black pots really make a statement.
    Thanks for sharing! I am keeping these paint colors as yet another neighbor has painted their home the same light blue and white as mine!

  4. The paint is just gorgeous! Love all the colors…so peaceful and elegant too.

    The pollen has just been horrendous everywhere this year it seems. My allergies are still very bad, even on meds and giving myself shots 2x a week. Hopefully, it will be gone soon!


  5. how beautiful! now the outside matches the colors inside of your house :) you have fantastic taste! cant wait to see more of your makeovers! :)

  6. Your house looks amazing. I love Benjamin Moore paint colors. Gosh, they actually have Charleston Green. Your front door color is gorgeous, too… great choices.

  7. I must have missed this post. Looks great and love the new colors. Don't you love having the trees removed? No more yard trash or fear from falling trees! Love it!

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