Project: Curb Appeal

As y’all well know, we’ve spent the last four years working room by room to update and decorate our house.  And while we love the space we’ve created for our little family on the inside, it was admittedly to the detriment of the outside (specifically the front yard).  I mean, we tried to keep the gigantic overgrown shrubs tidy (fail), and we attempted to keep up with all the weeds (major fail), and we did our best to keep the ill planted grass alive (biggest fail of all) but we let it go too far to ever really come back from it all.  The paint was peeling off the house in sheets and the front porch was rotting right off of the place.  We knew these things would need to be fixed when we bought the house, but it wasn’t until we passed our house from the sidewalk on a family outing a few months ago that we looked at each other and agreed that the time had come.

We’ve got three projects lined up to whip this place into shape.  It’s taken us a few months to get all the details sorted out, to collect quotes and to hire our contractors, but everything is lined up and we couldn’t be more excited!  (And scared… I mean, what if it DOESN’T really look that much better?!?!)

Phase 1: Painting the facade
I’ve been rattling on about this since January and the work was finally completed while we were on spring break.  Unfortunately, I have yet to get a good picture since our black-ish shutters are still covered in pollen.
Phase 2: The front portico face lift + 2 new porticos
This is probably what I’m most excited about!!  We will be using our good friend Shawn Reuter again (he built our back porch last summer) and I think the design will really tie the place together.  Here’s the sketch I gave him that I know he’ll bring to life!!!

photo 1 (5)

The new porch will sit right on the same footprint and foundation as the existing structure, which is saving us a mint.  He will square off the columns, tear the gable off the roof and build a little faux balcony on top with the same diagonal cross balustrade used on the back porch. 

The garage entry door will be replaced with a new french style door and Shawn is building a little portico over it to keep our guests from standing out in the elements.  It’s probably the most used door in the house.

March 2013 673

We’ve had trouble with this side door leaking in big rain storms, so it will also be replaced with a new door and have the same type of portico added.  He’ll replace the iron railings with the same diagonal crosses used on the other porches.

March 2013 674

Phase 3: The landscaping
We’ve already been working our fingers to the bone planting tiny little shrubs (that will hopefully one day be nice normal sized shrubs) in the front pine tree bed and all around the perimeter of the back.  After the front porch project is complete, we are bringing in a professional to take out a few half dead trees, lay sod and install new foundation plants in the front beds.  It’s not going to look like much, but it will give us a starting point to add to over the years.

Here’s the atrocious dirt and weed pit that I purposefully crop out of any and all pictures.

March 2013 669
 March 2013 671

See…told ya it was bad.
Whew!  Much to look forward to over the coming weeks!!!  Fingers crossed the porch projects will start end of the week…

Shawn Reuter
SLR Construction
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12 thoughts on “Project: Curb Appeal

  1. YOur plans will really change the whole look of your home. How exciting for you!!! LOVE the new style and colors!!!
    No wonder you are so excited! I would be over the moon!

  2. Looks like you have some wonderful plans! I love the colors you chose, in fact, I am thinking about using Revere Pewter inside my house. Such a great color. Your home is going to look amazing with all the landscaping in place. Your already have such a great start with those gorgeous mature trees! I would die to have some of those in my yard!

  3. Definitely keeping Shawn's contact info handy…so I'll be ready as soon as I get a go from the hubby for our deck :)

  4. Love the new paint colors. We ripped out rest of our old shrubs and replanted this past weekend. And yes, while they look small now they look better than the overgrown mess that was there. Can't wait to paint our exterior!!

  5. you have a gorgeous house! but your plans sound wonderful! cant wait to see the makeover!!

  6. I am SO excited to see how it all comes together, especially the paint, I love those colors! I hemmed and hawed over ours for months as I was scared to death to make a mistake! If you ever put your home on the market, please let me know, I'm local and LOVE it! So, this brings me to a funny comment but it's true-we are in the process of selling our home (moving within Atl) and every time we go to look at a home, I try to envision creating the back deck into a beautiful southern porch like yours! I have shown my husband all the photos and now he GETS it-I want to re-create a space similar to that for our young family to enjoy for years (I have 2 boys too). SO it looks like I'll be contacting Shawn :-) PS I am friends/in playgroup with Kasey Murrey-when I shared your blog with her, she was like, yes that's my old neighbor-small world!

  7. Just redid my kitchen and the cabinets are Revere Pewter – your house will look great – its a very clean color and I love it! We are currently redoing our portico too due to some rotten wood. Yours will look great and landscape makes all the difference! Loved the test treats too – my kids are in HS, but I still plan to use them – they won't admit it, but they love having a little thinking of you treat! Thank you!! Love your blog!!

  8. I love how your are making every square inch of this house your own! Can't wait to see the reveal. And btw, holy cow do you have a massive front yard.


  9. Would love to read this book! I just finished The Aviator's Wife and Sea Glass — both of which take place in the 1920's.
    Hope I will a copy.
    Love your blog.

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