Southern Porch Reveal {Before & After}

Our fantastic contractor finished up our porch just in the nick of time for our annual Fourth of July soiree and since were were out of town so much afterwards, I have finally had the time to take down the red, white and blue and feather the space with it’s more permanent look!

If you recall, we originally had a deck in this space off the back of the house…
April 2009 106

February 2012 512

…and now we are just over the moon with our new porch!  Here’s the view from the back yard.  This is a hip style roof in Owens Corning onyx black shingles to match the rest of the house. We went with 32” “x” railings that remind us of many Tybee beach houses and 10” wrapped columns placed 8’ apart to allow for open views.  I adore the horizontal boards that our contractor used in place of where we used to have lattice work.  We will landscape the bed running along the stone path this fall. 

July 2012 907 copy
Earlier this Spring we tore out everything along the walkway in anticipation of the new porch and planted annabelle hydrangeas, confederate jasmine and hostas.  The metal arbor is from Pike Family Nurseries and the bird bath is from Home Depot.  Honey was also finally inspired to hang the lion hose holder that we brought from our previous house!

July 2012 908 copy

July 2012 909 copy
We widened the stairs going up to the porch to fill out the space between the house and the fireplace.  Pots and glass water globes are from Target and battery powered lanterns from Wal Mart.  Mother dug up the potato vine from her mulch pile and I can hardly believe how good it looks now!

July 2012 911 copy

July 2012 912 copy

July 2012 913 copy
Our goals for the new porch were to have ample dining space, a sitting area with room for games, music, a fireplace for the winter, a fan for the summer and a buffet table for serving and storage. 

July 2012 915 copy

We have already spent many nights lounging on the sofa in the evenings and nearly every morning taking our coffee and playing games with the littles!  Double french doors from the kitchen open up onto this part of the porch.  Our contractor built the fireplace as an exact replica of our den fireplace – right down to the antique bricks – and I ADORE it!  The oyster painting is by Angie Reuter and the plates are from Anthropologie.  The sofa, chairs, baskets, curtain hardware and glass jars are from Target (I added chalkboard labels with leftover chalkboard vinyl from my kitchen project).  The garden stool, coral and mercury glass demijohn are from Home Goods.  The fan is Harbor Breeze from Lowes. The mapped out coffee table and pin board frame were both DIY projects.  The egret pillow is from Jolie Marche on etsy.  Mother made the zig zag pillows with burlap initial monograms and the curtains!

July 2012 918 copy

July 2012 921 copy  July 2012 928 copy July 2012 916 copy

July 2012 919 copy

July 2012 931 copy  July 2012 926 copy July 2012 184 copy

July 2012 183 copy

July 2012 925 copy July 2012 956 copy July 2012 957 copy

July 2012 934 copy
The other side of the porch serves as the dining area.  I fell in love with the Avignon table on clearance at World Market because I could envision a whole gaggle of littles crammed on its sweet benches.  The rainbow trout fish painting on reclaimed wood is another gorgeous piece by Angie Reuter, and is hung with dock cleats and nautical rope.  The slipcovered chairs, oyster shell lantern, shell centerpiece and mercury glass hurricanes were all DIY projects.

July 2012 961 copy July 2012 936 copy  July 2012 954 copy July 2012 955 copy July 2012 171 copy

July 2012 176 copy

July 2012 283 copy

July 2012 174 copy

July 2012 945 copy July 2012 947 copy  July 2012 196 copy

The DIY skirted table has smartly served as both a buffet for entertaining and for general storage underneath.  Lanterns are from Home Goods, aqua cups are from Target and melamine tray is from Macy’s.  The seeded glass lanterns are from Ballard Designs.  A vintage refrigerator basket from Habersham Antiques serves as a magazine rack.  The chairs were recovered and appliqued by Mother and myself.

July 2012 938 copy July 2012 949 copy July 2012 950 copy July 2012 958 copy

  • Paint – Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (walls and brick fireplace), Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments (ceiling), Benjamin Moore Rhine River (doors) and Benjamin Moore White Dove (trim)
  • Rugs – Indoor/Outdoor Leopard in black by Ballard Designs
  • Fabrics – all by Premier Prints in Village Blue (Chipper, Zig Zag and Towers prints) – I ordered from various sites and paid under $8 a yard for each

Last but not least, a HUGE, heartfelt thanks goes out to our contractor for all of his hard work and his countless great ideas that brought this space to life. He takes immense pride in his work, is likely one of the most honest men you’ll ever meet and is one of the best friends we could dream of having. I was thoroughly impressed with every single person he brought onto our property – they knew me by name, were well-kept, polite and talented, and often took a few minutes out of their day to kick a soccer ball with John or indulge Whit in trying out their drills. Shawn does everything from building houses to updating powder rooms around the metro Atlanta area AND is husband to the also talented Angie Reuter that I keep carrying on about. I’m already itching to have him work his magic on our front porch (hint hint, Honey)!!

Shawn Reuter
SLR Construction

With that, it’s high time for me to hit the porch with a sweet iced tea!

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77 thoughts on “Southern Porch Reveal {Before & After}

  1. The porch looks amazing! I love the way you matched the fireplace to the indoor one. I am also impressed with the number of details you added in such a short time from start to finish! It really is a beautiful space!
    Cheers – Shelley

  2. It turned out just beautiful and you will spend most of your time out there I"m sure. Great job on all of the details. It fits your house and style perfectly.

  3. Simply stunning. You have incorporated everything I would love on a porch as well. I love everything from the mouldings you chose for the railings right down to the paint colors as well. Congrats to you! Enjoy!

  4. I Love, love, LOVEEEEE your porch!!! I have been keeping up with your progress as we too are considering covering our deck, and this is without a doubt my inspiration!! Thank you for sharing!!!! LOVE your design style too!!!

  5. Your porch is absolutely beautiful – to match the rest of your house!
    It has been fun to watch it come together.

    Just wish you had some teenage girl rooms – for me to get ideas!

    I have a question – did you put screens up? Couldn't tell for sure from the pictures.

    Love it!

  6. I am blown away. You really created a wonderful space.

    I do drool and LOVE the chandy and the centerpiece.

    Over-all… LOVE it.

    Happy TTT,
    /CC from rainy Stockholm

  7. I have to say that it just doesn't get any better than this! It is gorgeous! Every detail is beautiful and the fireplace is just amazing! Stunning outdoor space!

  8. You and your mother did a wonderful job with the design. It truly fits your style and families needs perfectly! I love the use of burlap and the coastal feel of it all! Great job!

  9. oh my word. this is truly a stunning makeover. im sure your family and friends are spending every night out there and can only imagine how perfect it will be for the Fall. so so so beautiful! :)

  10. Oh my goodness it looks AMAZING!!!! I love all of your beautiful details. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs. P.S. I invite you to join us for tomorrows linky party ( blog hop)

  11. this is beautiful and your contractor is so talented! the decor is perfectly added and placed and the diy skills of both you and your mother rock. found you on hometalk.

  12. I have so enjoyed watching your porch progress this summer. I've been inspired because your colors, your look, is exactly what I've been planning for our little cottage on Lake Lanier. You've done a beautiful job. I'm so glad you gave us a final full reveal.

  13. This porch is absolutely stunning. Your post is so inspirational. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us.


  14. Oh my! This is just STUNNING! It doesn't even look like the same exterior! I can imagine the beautiful days spend on the porch.

  15. I'm always amazed by your talent! Your outdoor space is breathtaking. I'm featuring it tomorrow. I would love to share your home as one of my Dreamy Dwellings. I have a link to other Dreamy Dwellings on the right sidebar! Send me a line itsoverflowing at gmail (dot) com and we can pick a date!

    XO, Aimee

  16. Your porch is beautiful! Adore the outdoor living space and fireplace! I would be delighted for you to link to Potpourri Friday again. I've been back for several weeks, after an extended blog break.

  17. WOW! What a beautiful outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing! So many pretty details. DO you ever go inside? haha! I love it! I'm going to include a link back in tomorrow's highlights. ;) Thanks for sharing your beautiful porch!

  18. Hands down there is nothing like a porch, especially on a summer day! This turned out so beautifully and I know you will enjoy it for years to come!

  19. Oh my I am in love! This is exactly what I want. Hate to be nosey but for the new structure how much did that run? Want to convince the hubby to buy in. lol

  20. This is amazing! I am totally in love with it and all the details. The oyster painting..gotta get one of those…Chart table..will have to get one of those too (Albermarle Sound for me). And I have to say I LOVE that you used cleats. I used them in my boys room to hang up their nautical flags! Enjoy your beautiful space!!

  21. Dixie, I wandered over from your favorite room post on WOW! I absolutely love your porch. I wouldn't change a thing.
    I had already spied the horizontal boards for the underpinning. Love it. Has that elevated house look that is prominent on tybee, you KNEW that!!
    You and your Mom are quite a team.
    Blessings, Ginger

  22. let's go for the safety of screens. the newer materials nearly disappear and would make a great baackdrop for your banners. the banners would further cause the screns to disappear and no worry about the w nile virus and some of the other things that are happening. Your home is quite beautiful stay healthy to enjoy it!!

  23. I came across this link today via House of Turquoise guest spot. This is one beautiful deck. I'm going to show this to so many friends and clients. This is truly living – your taste is impeccable.

  24. I love what you have done. I miss the screened porch we had in a former home. Living in the deep South, though, I was constantly battling yellow pine dust that is a seasonal problem and then the humidity would cause some mildew problems with cushions etc. I hope you don't have to battle this on a regular basis. It just looks beautiful! You should enjoy for many, many years.

  25. Especially love the wide open spaces but still have the cover for rainy days. Like the conversation area – has all the great things about an indoor space, but has the great beautiful outdoors right there with you.

  26. Hey Amanda! I absolutely love your house. Your back porch/patio area is so welcoming. My husband and I like it so much, we are transforming ours. I have a quick question for you. How did u hang your curtains? Did u but special screws to screw into the vinyl siding? We are trying to hang a clock, but didn't know if we were suppose to buy something specific. Thanks in advance!

  27. Hey Amanda! Your house is precious. The back porch/patio is so welcoming. My husband and I lke it so much, we are in the middle of transforming ours. I have a quick question for you. How did u hang your curtains on the back porch? Did u screw into the vinyl siding? Did u use a special screw, etc? Thanks in advance.

  28. Jenny – Our house is actually wood, so I'm not sure if that is different than siding. At any rate, we just used a regular curtain rod for target and standard dry wall anchors to drill the screws in to. I hope that helps!! Amanda

  29. Hi Amanda! Wow, this is AMAZING, as is the rest of your lovely home. I found your blog today and I'm so happy I did. We just finished a project in our back porch and you have inspired me to 'feather' it too.

    I do have a question. We live in South Florida, so you have trouble keeping things from getting wet or weathered with the heat?

  30. To the Moon – Thank you SO much for your sweet comments!! We just fininshed it in July so the stuff hasn't been out there toooo long, but we haven't not had a problem thus far. We had one evening with really windy rain where it blew sideways and everything did get wet about as far in as the dining table. I dried everything off thoroughly after it stopped. Luckily, that was the only time – though we'll see what the spring brings. The sofa and chairs are outdoor furniture so I don't worry about those. As far as the heat, no problems there (that I can tell). Hope that helps!

  31. Hi DD!!

    I love your back porch!! The blue that is used is stunning, along with all of your decor.

    This will be a great space in all 4 seasons. I'm going to ask a question that might seem silly, but, being from the upper "Wet" West Coast…Is your porch enclosed? I tried to notice any mention of it, but, couldn't find one and in the pics I didn't notice any reflection.

    I know…my head must be filled with water LOL

    Very beautiful, elegant and very stunning!!


  32. Pam – Thank you for your sweet comments!! It is not enclosed, though we have decided to screen it this spring. We had one evening with really windy rain where it blew sideways and everything did get wet about as far in as the dining table. I dried everything off after it stopped.

  33. I love how you were able change the back side also. I also love the color of your porch now. Before it looked like an old house that nobody is staying. Now it looks so different.

  34. What is the white fabric uses on the chairs? Outdoor fabric? Love all you do in design. Breathtaking!


  35. The white chairs are not in outdoor fabric. They are in the white ikea slip cover that goes with the chair. It can be pulled off and washed but it does get dirty from the dust flying around. They are well undercover and do not get wet. Hope that helps!

  36. Dana – Unfortunately I have no idea what the model of the sofa was :-( I'm sorry. I bought it online but know that it was also in store last year.

  37. Your porch is gorgeous and cleverly appointed! Could you please let me know the name of your contractor. My sister lives in your neck of the woods and I highly suggested she contact your guy.
    Blessings, Cherie

  38. Hi Cherie- I just stumbled onto your blog and postings on your wonderful porch. I LOVE the idea of the horizontal boards instead of lattice! Can I ask what paint color you used for the decking boards – in some pictures it is a lighter gray and in some pictures it is darker. Also, did you do a primer and 2 coats over the pine?
    thank you!

  39. Hi, I just posted to ask about your paint color for your porch. I just noticed now that you also painted the siding on your fireplace stack. Was that a vinyl or hardiboard type siding? I am in a quandary over matching siding and it it can be painted to match the existing that would make life a whole lot wasier.

  40. Hi Amanda,
    I remember seeing this the first time Kim posted it…….GORGEOUS!

    It is an awesome family area, so I can see why you love it some much,
    someplace the whole family enjoys.
    You did a wonderful job of decorating and accessorizing it.
    Keep on enjoying it………..
    Blessings, Nellie

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