Porch Progress {Week 9}

Just before we hit the road I snapped a few quick pics of last week’s progress.  By the time I’d left, the porch was ready for paint!!!  *squeals with delight* 

The posts and door frame have been framed out and the crawl space cover is all in place.
June 2012 344 June 2012 345 June 2012 348 Inside, the bead board ceiling is up and everything has been trimmed out.
June 2012 347 It should be done or close to done by the time we get home!!  I only wish I’d be there to see the first strokes of paint go up.  Alas, I have left bestie A and her impeccable taste in charge to call me if she sees anything she would want in her own home.  Between her and contractor S, I’m in good hands.

Meanwhile, Honey has been slaving away in the yard trying to clean things up from the fallen tree and just general neglect.  The new bed leading to the porch has been growing like crazy, which makes me so happy we went ahead and got a jump start on it!!

May 2012 001

June 2012 334 June 2012 335
This is beyond exciting y’all!!

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8 thoughts on “Porch Progress {Week 9}

  1. That will look beyond wonderful! I would love a screen in porch. We have tons of bitie things, stinging horrible critters. Relief from them would be most welcome.

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