Porch Progress {Week 6}

Even with Monday’s holiday, we still saw some good progress on the porch last week!

For starters, the fireplace insert is in!  We went with a 42” box that’s wood burning with a gas starter.  It will be bricked up on the inside…fingers crossed that’ll happen this week.
June 2012 009Honey picked up the screen door we ordered from Home Depot (free site to store shipping.)  We knew we wanted a 36” vinyl door and just picked the one with the cleanest lines.  And would you believe it was also one of the cheapest options?  That never happens to me.
June 2012 010The stairs were extended to be the entire width between the house and chimney.  One (of many) things I love about contractor S is that he has such a great eye and extreme attention to detail.  He thought the way we originally had them left too much unusable space and when I took a peek I totally agreed.  Here’s the comparison:
May 2012 783June 2012 011 And they started on the screen that will cover the bowels of the deck.  I told S that I would rather not do lattice (which we had before) and he came up with this fantastic, clean and simple idea.  I just love it.  Again, I couldn’t have asked for a guy with better taste.  (Okay, okay.  That’s a bald-faced lie.  Bestie R beats out most any guy on the planet taste-wise.)  Of course, I will do some sort of small plantings and maybe some ground cover in front of this.
June 2012 017
While the men have been hard at work outside, I’ve been sucking every last ounce of energy out of Mother to help with sewing all sorts of pillows and recovering four different chairs.  Here are the fabrics I settled on.  All are by Premier Prints in Village Blue.  I ordered from various sites and paid under $8 a yard for each.  The patterns are Chipper, Zig Zag and Towers.  (Speaking of Mother, she departed for Savannah yesterday after a two month stay here helping Sister out with her broken foot.  She’s already sorely missed!!!)
To Larger ImageTo Larger ImageTowers Collection
So that’s the news as far as the porch goes.  S uttered the words “paint next week” and I’m having a hard time containing my excitement!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Porch Progress {Week 6}

  1. Bestie R appreciates the comment. I cannot wait to see the finished product as I know it will be spectacular. Enjoying my coffee on this first day of summer. xo

  2. I agree with the wider stairs. They look great filling up the space more. And I just love your fabric choices. Could your send your mom up north when she's done helping you? LOL.

  3. coming along so nicely! I wish we had a porch instead of our deck. Maybe someday…
    Can't wait to see the finished result!
    And I think I just read your entire blog over the past two days. I am SO inspired now :)

  4. That porch is going to be to-die-for with your fabrics and special touches, can't wait to see it!

    I totally agree about the steps being enlarged to extend to the fireplace wall, makes a world a difference.

    We added a sunroom about 20 years ago, I need to post pics b/c it's one of my favorite rooms.

    You are so lucky you have a good contractor…that's so rare. We have a contractor/friend who is going to be doing some quick little projects for me just as soon as he gets back from Tybee Island this week!


  5. Love the porch and all you are doing. Just wondering what the measurements are….trying to decide if we need to enlarge ours. Thanks for posting all your great ideas…it really helps!

  6. love your porch and all you are doing. Just wondering what the measurements might be….trying to decide if we should enlarge ours. Thanks for posting all your great ideas!!

  7. I am looking forward to doing absolutely NOTHING on your perfectly peaceful porch. Oh wait, the little ones will be there too! HeeHee

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