Porch Progress {Week 8}

Things really started to pick up the end of last week!  We got the gas line tied in from the house to the fireplace, passed that inspection and passed our framing inspection.  Wahoo!    The masons showed up Thursday and completed the brick front on the fireplace!!  Contractor S went above and beyond by procuring antique bricks for the piece in order to assure as close a match as possible to the den fireplace.  I already love it to pieces and am positive I’ll be over the moon once it’s painted and the mantle is built.  I can already see my Angie Reuter oyster there!! Dixie Delights May 2012 128 copy Sister was a complete doll to hobble over yesterday (yes, her foot is still broken) to assist in the picking of the paint colors.  I’m so lucky to have a sis that not only has impeccable taste, but could also talk about fabric, paint and furnishings till kingdom come.   side of house inside porch + fireplace brick: bead board ceiling: french doors: all trim, railings, posts + mantle + steps I’m so excited to see this go up I could squeal!!  xoxo   Southern Porch {Week 1} Porch Progress {Week 2} Porch Progress {Week 3} Porch Progress {Weeks 4-5} Porch Progress {Week 6} Ikea Chair Makeover Porch Progress {Week 7}

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8 thoughts on “Porch Progress {Week 8}

  1. Ooh, it is going to be SO fabulous! White Dove is my go to trim color and I love it. Been trying to convince my darling hubby to paint the brink fireplace in our family room since we moved in (5 years ago) to no avail. Sigh.

  2. I'm as excited to see the progress as if it were my porch! I just discovered this wonderful blog over the weekend and thought you might like to check out her screened in porch: here's the link:


    and here:


    well, of course i don't know how add them so you can just click on the link but her blog is talkofthehouse.com…you can find her porch under "our house"

    when you get that porch done, you'll have to throw a big virtual blog party and invite all of us!


  3. Looking good A! I can't wait to see the finished product…and you need to talk your sister into posting some of her house pics :o) Lauryn G.

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