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After having such a fab experience with Young Chefs Academy at a birthday party a couple of years back, I jumped when Living Social had a deal to send both of my boys to a class for half the price!  It was a bit of a hike to get to the Marietta-Acworth location, but was totally worth it.  (The party we attended was at the Sandy Springs location, and both were extremely nice, clean, professional and FUN!!)

The baby was beyond thrilled to be included in the big kid class.  The age range is five to eight, but they let him attend so that I could bring both at one time.

photo 1 (29)

I was thoroughly impressed at the day’s menu – they made a dish with homemade pasta and a spring salad loaded with veggies.  While they do help me cook at home, I can assure you that our recipes and techniques are of a much more rudimentary variety (ie. they never knew that pasta didn’t come from a box until today.)

photo 4 (15)  photo 2 (30)

At the end of the class, they literally licked their plates clean. 

photo 1 (28)

It’s pretty pricey to send them without the deal, so fingers crossed they do another one soon!

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4 thoughts on “Young Chefs Academy

  1. How fun! I've seen this on living social in MD too. Might have to try it out with my boys. Making pasta from scratch sounds fun.

  2. My sister and I used to own one of those in our area. Many of us closed, but it always makes me happy to see still open and doing well! She always did seem to have it going on in Atlanta! Looks like they had fun and made some yummy recipes. :)

  3. My little, age 3, loves The Young Chefs Academy in our area. It is nearby to us so I always plan to grab those groupon/livingsocial deals when they pop-up! There are many in the mind set that it isn't good to expose your littles to too many activities in one week, I have found that for my little, he isn't happy unless he is active and social at least once a day. Today we are demoing a Kinderdance class… always looking out for what he might really enjoy!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

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