Project Curb Appeal: Porticos & Paint

Lots of good things have been happening around these parts over the last week or so.  Construction on the main portico facelift and two new side entry porticos is complete, the paint is totally done, and the trees finally came down (much to the delight of a certain four year old).  Here’s a sneak peek…

May 2013 424 copy

photo 1 (5)

May 2013 428 copy

May 2013 466 copy

May 2013 426 copy

It seems that there is a sod shortage in Atlanta (say whaaaat?) and thus our landscaping has been delayed.  We were offered a different variety of sod available immediately to the tune of an additional $700.  Um… no thanks, I am not spending one thin dime more than we’ve already signed up for.  I suppose it will be going down at the pinnacle of summer heat.  *womp womp* 

Even with the current state of disaster in the yard, I gaze at the house and its like the heavens open and a choir of angels sing in exaltation.  I couldn’t love it more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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31 thoughts on “Project Curb Appeal: Porticos & Paint

  1. Everything is gorgeous!!!! Oh when the new sod comes in, be ready for a very expensive water bill. It has to be watered every day, for the first month!!!

  2. It is beautiful – the porticos combined with the paint have totally changed the feel of your home! Obviously the one side entrance is at your garage; where does the other lead to? xo

    1. It goes to the office (that we use as a playroom). The house was first the original builder/developer of our neighborhood and he used the separate entry as his office. We never use it and keep it dead bolted and blocked with a play fridge so no little ones escape :-). The door was leaking and rotten so it had to be replaced.

  3. Beautiful Amanda! I love the transformation and colors you chose. We need to paint this year too, windows as well. Will most likely wait until fall however. We put sod down late last year as well…water bill was quite the shocker!

  4. Amanda,
    I didn't think your home could be any lovelier, but it is! I can imagine red, white, and blue swags hanging from the main portico for The Fourth as well as evergreen swags for Christmas. You certainly have a great eye for the outside of your home as well as the inside!

  5. We are looking into something very similar for our porch- our houses are almost identical on the exterior! I feel you with the sod, too, we're dealing with a big ol' pile of dirt until we can decide on grass type. Ugh. Just enjoy that gorgeous portico for now!!

  6. Love it! What a change with just the lighter paint and reconstructed entry – every detail – including the door color looks great! (and this was a cute house to start with- great job!)

  7. I absolutely love it! I liked it before, but WOW – it is even prettier now!

    Where do you get your black planters? I'd like to get some for my front porch.


  8. Envy of the neighborhood. Lovely my friend. So, it was the orginal bldgs house? That's a nice piece of history…and no surprise considering how nice your lot is :o) LHG

  9. I am in LOVE with your exterior colors! (well, and your entire interior as well) We hope to build a small farmhouse soon out in the country and I may just have to use your exact color scheme. I'm a sucker for those blue doors! Obsessed!!!!

  10. It's beautiful! I love the portico and other entries too! Your paint colors are wonderful and made me think I should paint my mudroom door (currently white with an all white house) black to match the front door.

    Can you tell us a little more about your storm door on your front door?

    Great job!

  11. I don't comment as much as I should. But your house is beautiful. Great taste and great job. I love outdoor projects. Sharon

  12. Looks beautiful! I love all the colors. Everything will be stunning with the new lawn…except your water bill! :)

    We're going into the first stage of drought conditions again…so sad. All the lakes are down and some dangerously low. Plus we haven't even begun with our summer heat…


  13. I thought your house was great before but I love the new porticos. The paint colors are so fresh and shiny. Great job

  14. Absolutely love it all!! The porticos add that extra class without going over the top. I LOVE the door paint color! It's very coastal!

    Perfect all around!

  15. Yes, it is true. Everything you do is perfection. I adore the colors, the addition of windows to the doors, the porticos… Total curb appeal as well as a "home" feel that your kids will reflect back on fondly.

    I am but one of many followers who is so wanting to be your best friend with whom you chat over coffee regarding all things, including design. :)

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