5th Annual Low Country Boil

I could hardly believe our good fortune when the clouds parted, our friends came and we finally celebrated Independence Day with our 5th Annual Low Country Boil and fireworks!!

Shrimp copy copy

Since it has rained four of our five years doing this shin dig, I have scaled way, way back on cute touches over time.  I mean, we’ve gone from paper buntings, colored popcorn and flower arrangements to a party that can move inside at the last minute or be postponed for three days without anything going bad.

July 2013 036

July 2013 037

July 2013 032

July 2013 033 copy2

July 2013 034 copy

July 2013 035

I’ve gotten terrible about taking pictures at these things.  Call it having too much fun :-)

July 2013 031

july20133 copy

July 2013 013

July 2013 015

July 2013 017

July 2013 018

July 2013 019

July 2013 020
  July 2013 030



Until next year…

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12 thoughts on “5th Annual Low Country Boil

  1. Low country boil is always fun! We haven't hosted one in several years – since my brother's wedding rehearsal – but I think we'll do one for our borthdays in late August. Looks like everyon had a blast!! xo

  2. It looks like a great party. I love everything from the invitations {divine} to the mini cupcakes! I miss low country boils. May have to do one soon.

  3. What a fun time! This is my first time commenting, I look forward to your posts everyday! I love all of your decor and party ideas! My favorite posts are seeing all the fun things you do for the littles! After your Disney Cruise posts, I've told my fiancé, brother, and sister in law that we are taking our nephew when he is around 4! It's look like tons of fun! I love how you make your littles events (like last day of school) so memorable and special! You are such a wonderful momma and I am taking notes so that one day I can do the same special things for my future kids! Have a fabulous week!

  4. looks fun! An idea for entertaining kids on a rainy day: stretch a skinny cord on the carpet, have the child turn the binoculars over so they can look through the wrong end. See if they can walk the cord while ONLY looking through the wrong end of the binoculars – like walking a tightrope! Good for adults too if they are bored enough and not as easy as it sounds!

  5. Yes, so glad to see the sunshine today! We have been wanting to have a low country boil for a while now. Maybe this is the year!

  6. We do shrimp here in Georgia! And I asked where they were too after Honey dumped the pot. They went in last and came out first so they were hiding under all the rest :-)

  7. Lindsey, We use the bags of crab boil seasoning (found with the spices at our store) and add corn, potatoes, shrimp, sausage and onion. So easy and good for a big group!

  8. Love, love, love your blog! Your house is amazing and you are wise beyond your years with all the things you do with decorating and the thought you seem to put into events and important things for your family. I love your Savannah roots and how you bring that to your Atlanta home. Your parents must be so proud.

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