Disney Drinks + Another Fabulous MONOGRAM Giveaway!!


Do y’all remember this fabulous monogram giveaway from Tamera at Scrappin Plus and Crafty Little Things?  Well she is too too good to me!  I asked her to cut out a darling little wood crab for a project I have in mind and these were also in the box!!!

August 2013 053 copy

They are SO completely adorable and fit a 16-oz drink in the double wall tumbler.  We’ll totally be using them at our non-stop baseball, football and tennis games this fall and can’t wait to pack them up for our next Disney adventure (which is coming sooner than we’d dreamed!)!!!

August 2013 061 copy

If Mickey isn’t your thing, she has tons of other designs and is so crafty that I’m sure she can deliver whatever you can dream up!
Personalized custom monogram acrylic 16 oz Tall and Skinny tumbler cup
Set of 3 Personalized custom acrylic 16 oz Tall and Skinny tumbler cup

And since I mentioned it, here is a before pic of my crab.  Next time you see him he’ll be sporting a blue coat of paint!

August 2013 068

Now, for the really good stuff…  Tamera is letting me give away ANOTHER 24” Vine Connected Wood Three Letter Monogram (with your very own initials, of course)!!

24 inch Vine connected wooden monogram letters

If you recall, I have one hanging in my dressing room

April 2013 159 copy

…and a second glittered monogram on burlap that I used on my porch for the holidays!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!  For the full run down on how I made my two canvases, look here and here.  

November 2012 258 copy

The giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only.  Post a separate comment for any/all of the following.  You will get one chance to win for each thing you do – that’s five chances per person!!

1. Visit the Scrappin Plus etsy store, pin an item you love to your Pinterest board and leave a comment letting me know.
2. Visit Scrappin Plus’s sister store Crafty Little Things, pin an item you love to your Pinterest board and leave a comment letting me know.
3. Like the Crafty Little Things Facebook page, tell them Dixie Delights sent you and leave a comment letting me know.
4. Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know.
5. Leave a comment letting me know what fabulous thing you’d do with a wood monogram!!

The winner will be announced Wednesday August 14.


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286 thoughts on “Disney Drinks + Another Fabulous MONOGRAM Giveaway!!

  1. 5: What I would do with the monogram : I would either use it on my front door or in the perfect little spot in my foyer.

    Thanks for sharing this fun giveaway – I SURELY DO hope I win!! xo

  2. Well I love ALL the beautiful things I saw at both etsy stores. I would probably hang a G on my Dining Room Mirror….painted a dramatic color of course!!

  3. What a great giveaway!! We've recently moved, so we're in the process of decorating our guest bedroom and bathroom. I can totally see this beautiful monogram in one of those two rooms!!

  4. If I won, I would use this fabulous wood monogram to place above my baby girls crib! I’m expecting my first baby this fall and a monogram gives the perfect girly touch to her room! Thanks for the opportunity!

    [email protected]

  5. I have a spot at the top of my stairs that it would look great or …. many places to put the monogram pieced. I love your blog.

  6. Ok here it goes: I liked Crafty Little Things, Pinned a 20in border monogram to my home board from Tamara and pinned a 12 inch letter design from Crafty Little things on Etsy! Have always followed your blog so that was a given! -Thanks for another chance at winning!!!

    xoxo Jess

  7. I would love to hang the monogram, over the mirror,above my fireplace.It would be a great layering piece.

  8. 1. I would love the 36 inch BORDER Vine connected monogram letters – round with scalloped edges from scrappinplus! i pinned it to my lustin' board on pinterest.

    2. I would get a fabric box from crafty little things!
    3. I liked the crafty little things facebok page and let them know you sent me!

    4. I of course follow your blog! :)

    5. I would hang the beautiful monogram over my bed to complete my preppy princess room perfectly!

  9. I adore YOU, your blog and all the DISNEY things of course since my family are HUGE Disney fans also! I would love the monogram for my teenage daughter..its all she talks about wanting!

  10. Great giveaway, Amanda! I would love to hang one of those darlings on my front door inside a wreath!
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  11. Amanda I love your blog, and found it over a year ago while searching for all things Savannah. My daughter will be a freshman in college, so the monogram would be adorable hanging on the wall above her bed in her dorm room! I would cover a board with fabric that coordinates with her bedding, and paint the monogram to match. Thank you!
    [email protected]

  12. 1. Visited scrappin plus on etsy and pinned 18" monogram to my For the home board on Pinterest

    2. Pinned acrylic tumbler to my present board.

    3. Liked crafty little things and told them you sent me.

    4. Started following you through Bloglovin

    5. And I would love a monogram for my front door- would add a cute chevron burlap bow from ribbon I spied at hobby lobby today! :)

    Whew-now I am tired! Lol

  13. 1st I pinned 26 inch Vine connected wooden monogram letters by scrappinplus

    2nd I pinned Painted Vine connected monogram letters by CraftyLittleThings2

    3rd I liked Crafty little things on Facebook, they have such cute things :)

    4th I am following your blog, of course

    5th I would use this oh so cute fabulous wood monogram to hang above my bed or in my bathroom (as you did) . My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan until December and I would love to add some new cute things to our room before his arrival. Thanks

  14. pinned from scrappin plus (and ordered two ten inch monograms)
    Kristen L Jacksonville FL

  15. liked Crafty Little Things on FB and told them you sent me over
    Kristen L Jacksonville FL

  16. already follow your blog each morning with my cup of Joe :) great ideas and we love Rosemary too…our westie is Sugar but her AKC name is Sugar Shak!
    Kristen L Jacksonville FL

  17. If I win I will order one for myself as I just ordered one for each of my daughters…
    Kristen L Jacksonville FL

  18. Just found your blog over the weekend and immediately started following you. I am from Atlanta now living in Cali. You're making me really homesick for the South!

  19. 5- I would paint the monogram and place it over my bed. Great giveaway… Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. I pinned the small Greek alphabet letters. I'm Greek, so the wheels are turning…..ornaments, the first initial used as gift tags, so many ideas!

  21. I pinned the small Greek alphabet letters. I'm Greek, so the wheels are turning…..ornaments, the first initial used as gift tags, so many ideas!

  22. I visited Scrappin Plus and pinned a beautiful monogram to my For the home page

  23. I think I would put the monogram over my bed–which you can see down the hall in my house–would be beautiful there and lots of visitors would see it–of course you also know this means I have to have my bed made at all times LOL
    [email protected]

  24. I think I followed all of the steps. I would hang a blended monogram on my front door.

  25. I pinned the 16" individual letters to my Pinterest board – Art projects
    I pinned the 3 letter monogram cake topper to my Pinterest board -To Have and To Hold
    I had already liked Crazy Little Things on Facebook
    I already follow your blog
    If I were to win the monogram I would follow your lead and attach it to a canvas to hang in our redecorated basement.

  26. Entry 1: I pinned the random alphabet letters from Scrappin Plus. I think I'm going to buy it to decorate my toddler's room and pass it on to her brother in a few years!

    Terra Roberts.

  27. I would paint and bedazzle my monogram with glitter and hang it on our front door. We are Americans that work for the Federal government. I can't think of a better way to bring a little southern charm to the neighborhood and annoy my husband!

    Terra Roberts

  28. I pinned the 24 inch PAINTED Distressed Vine connected monogram by scrappinplus!

  29. I pinned the Personalized custom Reversed Cut monogram by CraftyLittleThings2! So adorable!!!

  30. I follow your blog and love all of your ideas!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share!!

  31. I visited Scrappin Plus and pinned an item. I visited Crafty Little Things and pinned an item. And I visited Crafty Little Things FB page and left a comment. Thanks!

  32. I did it all :-) And I'd love to create an outdoor monogram with burlap for our new home, using your tutorial! PS I can't wait to see the lil crab!

  33. I would love to put one of these adorable gems in my Master Bedroom! Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

  34. Hey Amanda,
    I LOVE your blog and read it almost everyday :) Here are my five entries…
    1. I would love to win the Monogram and would create a canvas like the one in your dressing room!!! It is adorable!!!
    2. I went to Scrappin Plus on Etsy and pinned a wooden Monogram on Pinterest
    3. I went to Crafty Little things on Etsy and pinned a super cute monogram keychain on Pinterest.
    4. I liked Crafty Little Things on Facebook.
    5. And lastly, I'm happy to say that I now "follow" your blog!
    Thanks for blogging!!!
    With love,
    Jamie Lee

  35. I LOVE the mongrams – would love to put one on some weathered fence pickets (we have some we are replacing soon!) and put it on the mantle between the canvas prints of the kids.

  36. Hi there!

    I did the following:

    1. Visited the S.P. Etsy store and pinned a circular block monogram to my Pinterest page. It would look amazing in robin's egg blue on my front door this fall.
    2. I follow your blog…it's my favorite read of the day!
    3. If I won a wood monogram, it would grace either my front or side door. They are SAD looking right now and in need of some style and personalization.

    Thanks, Amanda!

    P.S. – I want to buy a crab like yours from S.P. I hope they put some up for sale on their page soon! What a darling idea!

    Sara L.

  37. Love this monogram. Just painted our family room and have the perfect spot for it on the wall or in the foyer. Love, love, love your blog, by the way!

  38. 2nd entry – Pinned the set of 3 personalized tumbler cups to my Just for Me board. I so need these for harvest time around here! :)

  39. I love, love, love these wooden monograms! I bought one last year after seeing yours on your blog. I pinned the 26" one because hey, what good southern girl can have too many monograms.

  40. I pinned the 16 in triple vine monogram from ScrappinPlus to my board Dixie Delights giveaway

    I really need to get these. My girls are both grown and basically gone (away in school) and the rooms are getting ready to morph into guest rooms but I still want to redo the rooms in colors they like and to leave a little something to represent them in each room. I think personal monograms in each room would be perfect!

  41. What wouldn't I do with one of the lovely vine monograms???

    As much as I want one for myself, I would have to get one for one of my daughters first. As I commented on my first pin comment, I am getting ready to redecorate my grown daughters' bedrooms. They are 21 and 20 and are away at school. I want their rooms to be more grown up, can double as guest rooms but still reflect them in some way. One of the best ways I can do that is to add a monogram to their room and I would love to paint it in whichever accent color I choose for each room and have it on a canvas like you did yours!

  42. 5. My family and I are relocating for work to Ireland at the beginning of the year and this would be a great item to bring a little bit of home with us.

  43. What a wonderful giveaway! I'd love a wooden monogram for our new home. It would help to make it truly ours, and would also be a reflection of your great taste in our not-Southern home!

  44. I would put the wood monogram on my study room door so that everyone would know the room is MINE :)

  45. Followed your blog. Pinned the 26 inch connected vine from SP and the 16 inch "B" from the other. Liked the facebook page. I would use the monogram to finish off my recently redone master bedroom and use it in the open space above my bed.

  46. I love your blog and have been a follower for some time. If I won the monogram, I would order one with the initials of one of my new twin granddaughters and purchase another with the initials of her sister. They would look beautiful over their cribs. Thank you for the opportunity.

  47. I would absolutely love to win the monogram! I am in the process of updating my youngest sons nursery. As it is now its decorated with all his older brothers things. This monogram would help make old decor look fresh and personalized just for him.

    And thank you for blogging. Somehow you always manage to put a smile on my face.


  48. I would love the 24" monogram to incorporate into a wreath for my front door! I have been admiring these for some time. I also love how you displayed yours in your home.


  49. I follow you by email, I pinned the circle monogram on Scrappin Plus and pinned the monogrammed tumbler on Crafty Little Things! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  50. I follow you by email, pinned the circle monogram from Scrappin Plus and pinned the monogrammed tumbler from Crafty Little Things. Thanks for posting the giveaway.

  51. Have been wanting a wooden monogram for my room for awhile! Would love one of these.

  52. I have intended to order the vine monogram for over a year now. I can think of several ways I could use it. On a wreath in my guest room now, and maybe glitter it up like you did for Christmas. Thanks from Debbie.

  53. A- you have the sweetest and classiest website. I have been following you for a couple of years. Made it to Savannah this year and LOVED it. Would love to have a monogram for my front door! G

  54. Would love to own the monogram sign for my front doors. Even though my kids are grown I love to read about your adventures with the littles.

  55. Hey! Love the monograms! I did all four things: visited Scrappin Plus and Crafty Little Things and pinned an item on Pinterest. I also liked Crafty Little Things Facebook page and left comment. Lastly, I like your page :)

    So great of you to sponsor such a nice giveaway!

  56. I would love one to hang above my daughter new big girl bed. Thanks for a great giveaway…

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