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One big thing has been checked off of our Summer Fun list – and just in the nick of time!  I’d saved up coupons (pay for adult, child goes free) from our FREE Lego Club magazine so we picked up Grandma JuJu and bee-lined down to Phipps for fantastic summer day.

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We absolutely love Miniland – it’s really utterly remarkable how they recreated the city of Atlanta in bricks.  And when the sun “sets” and city lights come on it’s a little breathtaking  (yes, I realize I’m still talking about legos.)
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The littles spent about an hour at the earthquake tables building towers and testing their engineering prowess :-) 
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Next they moved over to the test track.  They built all sorts of wheeled lego creations to try on the race tracks.

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August 2013 037

We waited in line for eons to ride Merlin’s but, of course, the littles thought it was well worth it. 

August 2013 039

And we wrapped up our visit with a stint in the 4D theater.

August 2013 041

With all that lego building we worked up some serious appetites.  I was thrilled to see the Johnny Rocket’s back open and let me assure you that cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes hit the spot.

August 2013 042

I’ve heard mixed reviews from mom’s about Legoland Atlanta.  We’ve been twice and the kids love it.  Sure, it could stand to be less crowded, better organized and a little cleaner, but when you’re getting in two-for-one and don’t go in with a Disney expectation it’s just fine.  Plan to spend three or so hours.

We hope to make it to Legoland Florida in the near future.  If you have any tips or tricks, be sure to let me know!

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12 thoughts on “Legoland Atlanta

  1. I love the change over from day to night as well in Miniland – We did LegoLand Florida this summer-used coupons as well. It's an amusement park based on Legos – not a theme park (if that makes sense) We had a great time and kids were at the perfect age.

  2. Fun! We were just down there (HAD to make a Lilly stop) and I was trying to convince my 19 year old that we had to go one time to which she said, "umm, no thanks mom." LOL Wish I had realized Johnny Rockets was back open however. Ended up at Houston's because the food court at Lenox is a disaster right now!

  3. We had a good time at Lego land too. I noticed you call you mom JuJu…that is the nickname my son gave my daughter, and it stuck. He was almost 2 when she was born, and Julia was just too tough to say. :)

  4. Our girls LOVED Legoland in California. They just opened a hotel there that looks amazing. Anyways, what happened to your baby? He looks all grown up in some of those pictures!

  5. You'll love Legoland Florida. I took my nephews and grandson and they loved it. Especially the Water Park. Make sure you go when the water park is open. So worth it.

  6. What a fun summer outing for your boys! I happen to have some tips and tricks on Legoland, FL..we took our boys, 7 and 8, just this summer. They were the perfect ages and we all had a blast, especially our one obsessed with Legos. While an incredible attraction, with it being near Disney, it brings up comparisons and it just doesn't compare from an adult's perspective (kids don't notice the difference…it's just fun!). With that, I think it is an absolute must do for any Lego lover, and if you loved the Atlanta replica you won't believe all the replicas they have done at LegoLand. For those not that interested in Legos, they may want to stick with Disney or other theme parks. We followed a touring plan I found online and it worked perfectly….we would have done a lot of waiting without the plan. Plus the boys did a fun Lego robotics class there that I learned about with a little research. We skipped the waterpark this time in order to capitalize on our Disney time, but it looked fun!

  7. I figure I will compare it to Disney :-). I'd love to know what touring plan you used. Great idea!! I don't think the water park will be open while we are there. Thanks!!

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