Brother’s Room Kick Off

As promised, I’m back today to kick off “project: brother’s room”.  This is the look John and I are working towards…


… keep in mind that I don’t have pictured his books, treasures, stuffed animals and other special items that will really make the space his own.

He wants blue and black and fish, I want it to grow with him for a long time to come, and Honey wants to not spend a fortune.  We are using furniture we already have with the exception of the reading chair I scored for $190 on clearance at Home Decorators last week.  We will also use his current dresser and Mother’s childhood desk in the space (similar items are used as placeholders above).  And speaking of the desk, I love that Mother passed it down to me as a little girl and now it has gone to John.  I don’t love the maple finish, however, especially since there is already so much going on in there with the black beds, bookcase, dresser, and doors.  I’m really torn as to what to do with it – I generally love wood furniture but would rather paint it than not use it at all.

As for today, the room is in quite a state of disarray.  We’ve already added crown molding and repainted the room in Benjamin Moore Clay Beige.   (And by “we” y’all know I really mean “Honey”.)

August 2013 420 
There’s much more to come on this topic!  Do let me know your thoughts on the desk.

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36 thoughts on “Brother’s Room Kick Off

  1. Looks so handsome! You could easily chalk paint and wax the desk…would look great in light gray with your other selections. No primer, quick dry and super easy. I have used Annie Sloan but I know many people save money making their own with regular paint…

  2. I say paint the desk….we have several pieces that are nice wood pieces but not heirloom material so why not change them up and make new memories. Can't wait to see the finished room!!

  3. That is going to look great when you get it done. I would probably paint the desk but it will look good either way. If you do paint it you will end up with lots of chips and dings, etc, being as it is a BOY'S room! lol LOVE the fish painting!!!! xo Diana

  4. Such a great plan. I am with you, I would paint it rather than not use it. We had a similar desk years ago as well. You should be able to use a small foam roller for most of it, so it should go quickly.

  5. Hi Amanda,
    I love your blog! I am the mother of four boys, so I love the boy angle you and I share. In one of my boys' rooms, he has a painted bed, and a stained pine dresser. He needed a desk, and I was able to find a vintage desk the same color as the dresser. Not even sure if they are the same wood, but the matching color tricks the eye. His room really looks pulled together because the wood tones match. I am thinking you could somehow paint or stain the desk to be the same color as the dresser. The desk is great and he will enjoy having his own homework spot.

  6. Slap some Annie Sloan Graphite on the desk and either paint over hardware or swap out. I did my kitchen table in Graphite and love how it turned out. It's a great shade! And, I'd rather keep an heirloom piece in use by giving it an update than sticking it in a closet or basement :)

  7. I think you should paint it, although… if you are leaving the closet doors their current wood finish, I'm sure the desk will tie in once everything is complete.

  8. My 6.5 yo and I are doing a gradual transformation of his room too. He wants a desk, a swivel chair, book shelves..
    He liked a desk similar to the one you showed (keyhole desk?) and I think all the drawers are fun fur kids treasures …however having had this desk at mt patents house I recall wanting more leg room.

    Looking forward to the reveal.

  9. I love your ideas and the way you are working in what John wants while still allowing the room to grow with him. I can't wait to see it finished…which will probably be tomorrow with the rate you accomplish things! Have fun!

  10. I say stain the desk, maybe to match the dresser show in the board since there are already so many darker woods or black furniture. It's a boys room so painting it is not something I would do personally. Can't wait to see what you do! We are using Whit's room as inspiration for guest room. :-)

  11. Paint the desk Maison Blanche Paint in Wrought Iron (black) and than clear wax. Leave the hardware as it is.

  12. Ideas: ask your mom how she feels about painting the desk black or dark, and if she says might feel better. Perhaps change the hardware.
    Also, you could use a black chair, and on top of the desk, use a black fabric or paper overlay..with glass over that. That way, maybe the brown and black look would be there without having to actually paint it. You could use black hardware..too.

  13. I have a dresser of my grandparents' that is similar style to your mom's desk. I'm using it in the nursery now. Our original plans were to paint it since the other furniture is cherry. Once we got it into the room we opted to just paint the hardware a soft grey and leave the wood tone. If you want to see what it looks like (I don't have my kids rooms on the blog) just send me an email and i'll shoot you over some pics. So guess my vote would be to put the whole room together first and see how you like it in the space. You can always paint it at a later date.

  14. Love your blog–I visit each day!

    2 ideas on the desk…a black leather desk pad, sized generously to fit almost to the edges of the desk, would really help tie in your scheme and draw the eye away from the small variance in wood tone. Then your desktop accessories could pick up the blue tones.

    Another idea is a deep gray/ charcoal glaze on the drawer fronts and recesses of the desk. Easy to do and not a complete paint job.

    Just some food for thought! Good luck! I look forward to your progress!

  15. I LOVE to mix pieces of furniture and living in Ga there are so many places to go!! I would paint the dresser a neat tomato red or neat green, depending on what colors he will have in his room besides the fish:) It becomes the surprise stand out piece in the room. Good luck!!

  16. I would definitely paint the desk black. The black will act as a neutral and ground the other patterns going on. Will also compliment the headboard. Beautiful plans!

  17. How about restaining the desk in a color stain? They have gorg blues, grays, and blacks. I think any of those would work well with it. You could lightly sand the wood as the finish now would not interfere with those colors…they are darker and would be a good base for the color stain. It would also serve to raise the grain which will help the new stain work better. The wood grainwould still show through, but it would be refreshed without losing the integrity and meaning of the piece. I also think it would look more boyish with stain as opposed to paint or chalk paint. In addition, you could spray the handles in a rustoleum pewter finish to make them pop.
    I would also get a local glass cutter to cut a piece of glass for the top. John can then place photos and stuff underneath and change out as he grows. The glass is burnished on the ends so its safe. It would also protect the top from years of abuse and wood dents…including the stray marker and pen ink that tends to ruin such pieces.
    Can't wait to see what you do…might be a great project for Honey! Tee Hee!

  18. It's going to be amazing! Can't wait to see the end result. My vote would be for staining it. I just had the same debate with a table that wasn't dark enough for my liking and I love the result! In the end I just couldn't bring myself to paint it…

  19. I was in a similar situation and ended up staining my piece darker. I have been so happy with it and I feel that because it was a family piece it was more timeless to stain it so I can pass it down again. Maybe go a shade darker than your other pieces?

  20. Changing the knobs on the desk and perhaps just painting the top of the desk would change the look completely without losing some of wood look.
    Good luck it will come out fabulous as always!

  21. jealous of how big your son's room is! i know it's going to look amazing! cant wait to see what you do with it! now can i hire you to be my interior designer? haha :)

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