I Love {Bronwyn Hanahan Art}

Bestie S has amassed quite a collection of Bronwyn’s art and, after ogling it for quite some time, I finally sprung for my first piece!!  I am pleased to present my new fall door decor…

September 2013 106 copy

… it even inspired me to replant my pots – and that’s saying a lot. It really couldn’t be cuter and is my new favorite thing about football season!!  It’s made of wood, sprinkled with glitter, topped with a bow and ready to hang.  What more could a gal ask for?!?

September 2013 113 copy

(And this is somewhat off topic, but we also got our Tech flag back up in the back.  Yee haw!  Go Tech!  THWG!!)

September 2013 115 copy

Bronwyn is a Southern artist (love that) and the mastermind behind loads of darling door decor, fabulous frames, wonderful wall art and much much more!  She has something for every occasion in her coffer.  Here are a few of my favorites…

The Great Pumpkin Door Hanger - Bronwyn Hanahan Original
Boo to You Door Hanger - Bronwyn Hanahan Art
Happy Turkey Day Door Hanger - Bronwyn Hanahan Original
Red and Green Presents Door Hanger - Bronwyn Hanahan Original
School Days Door Hanger - Bronwyn Hanahan Art
Taupe and White Chevron Cross Door Hanger - Bronwyn Hanahan Art
Play Ball Door Hanger - Bronwyn Hanahan Art
You can find these and much more in her etsy store.  Also, be sure to like her facebook page to find out about her daily deal and other special offers.
Thanks, bestie S, for picking up my football and delivering it to my door.  You’re too too good to me :-)
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    1. No – official colors are white and gold with navy used as an accent. All of the sports jerseys are these three colors. I see black used a lot in merchandise but its not a true team color. :-)

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