First Reconciliation

After over a year’s worth of preparation and anticipation, John completed the sacrament of First Reconciliation tonight.

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It was remarkable to stand just outside the heavy wooden of the doors of our beautiful church and quietly observe him return from the vestibule, light a candle and pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness – he seemed so grown up in those moments, yet was still filled with the wonder, innocence, and curiosity of a seven year old.
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lighting his candle

November 2013 177 copy

our son in prayer – literally moved me to tears

November 2013 183 copy

leaving the church

November 2013 184 copy

He was a bit nervous going into the evening, but came out all smiles.
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I am so thankful for our community on nights like this – he was surrounded with friends from school, sports and the like.
November 2013 196
We celebrated the occasion with dinner out with bestie M and her family.
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And we marked the night with these sweet ornaments from Tricia at HKL Designs.  I absolutely adore them and am so thankful to have such talented friends.
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Last but not least, we recorded the sacrament in our family Bible.  John was incredibly excited to be the first one on the page :-)
November 2013 201 copy
Feeling mighty blessed!

17 thoughts on “First Reconciliation

  1. Thank you for sharing…those moments are so precious. We currently have our oldest preparing for Confirmation. It is so exciting to see them grow in their faith…I'm sure you will enjoy preparing for First Holy Communion! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. This 'old Catholic lady' is currently sitting at her desk at work with tears streaming down her face. So beautiful to witness the little ones as they grow in their faith. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment. And I love the ornaments…I know what all the littles in my family will be getting from now on!

  3. Wonderful blessing! This week my 12 year old son and I venerated the relic of Pope John Paul II at our church while it journeyed through Florida. We waited for 2 1/2 hours to touch the case of the relic and he never complained once. It will mean so much more in April when he becomes Saint John Paul. So touching.

  4. A special day for sure, and I too remember feeling so verklempt watching my kid pray after making this sacrament for the first time. Such an innocent and sweet time in a child's life….and what a cutie your son is!

  5. Congratulations John. These moments are so precious. Such a sweet child turning into such a nice gentleman. Congratulations to the whole family

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