It’s Great to be 8! {Free Printable}

Since the PCP will be living it up on Thanksgiving break for his actual birthday, we went ahead and carried in these darling little mini doughnuts for the class yesterday.

All you need to pull them together are 8″ lollipop sticks, ribbon or twine, the free printable tags, a hole puncher and the little doughnuts, of course!

It’s Great to be 8! Free Printable

It certainly is GREAT to {almost} be 8!

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NEW!  It’s Great to BB8 Free Printable


18 thoughts on “It’s Great to be 8! {Free Printable}

  1. Adorable! I'll have to pin that one for when my littles are 8! I'd love a post on your "favorite boy toys and books over the years"-being a mom of 2 boys (11 months and 3), it would be an interesting read!

  2. So cute! I made the bugs and kisses for Halloween and everyone loved them. Also, just made the Frosty the S'more Men for my son's High school bake sale. Teacher said they were the first things to sell out. It's very generous of you to share all of your creative ideas with all of us. Thank you! Julie

  3. Thank you so much! My son's 8th Birthday is this Wednesday! I had this exact idea and wondered if anyone had already made a printable for it. I am so excited because yours is adorable and now I don't have to attempt to make one as I have no idea how to do it! Yippee! These are going to be a total hit!

  4. I was having trouble downloading it too. I will keep trying but if you see this and wouldn't mind emailing it to me that would be so great! These are really cute! ashleywalch@gmail

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