The Banquette

If I were a betting woman, I’d say this strange little niche in our den was probably a wet bar back in the day.  Call me crazy, but the weird overhead light and outlet placement kind of give it away.

April 2009 081

Before we moved in, we had our general contractor build this sweet little banquette in the space.  I threw the two arm chairs from the foyer of our old house here and called it a day until I could come up with something better suited to the space.

den 4
Well, last week Honey whipped up a bench frame out of scrap wood, I scared up a few yards of a gorgeous robin’s egg blue micro check from a project of yore, and I carried that sucker off to Chang (my very favorite upholsterer in all of Atlanta) just as soon as the last nail went in.  I literally hugged his neck when I saw it.  And then I swooned when we got it inside.  This is the bench my dreams were made of.  (It’s hard to see the color here… it was so cloudy that my camera …er… my amateur photog skillz … blew out the light.)
November 2013 253 copy   
Hellllllooooo, gorgeous, and welcome home!
November 2013 257 copy2

With that little project done, I really am going to finish up the PCP’s room.

18 thoughts on “The Banquette

  1. Looks nice Amanda. Benches work great in family rooms since they can be pushed in and don't eat up floor space….add a skirt and you've got perfection. We love the one at our computer armoire too.

  2. Call me crazy but I preferred the chairs. I find the new stool looks like it goes in a bath/vanity. Usually I like your things, but the ruffles KILL me. My opinion only!!!!

    1. I use Chang at Crown Upholstery in Marietta. When I asked around years back a girlfriend whose mom and MIL were decorators both used him so I did and loved him!

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