Holiday Dreams at the Ritz

I was so so so so so beyond excited to surprise Honey and the littles with a little holiday getaway for Christmas.  I drove downtown and, try as they might, nobody guessed correctly.  When we pulled off the exit, Honey said “Motel 6?” and it made me even more excited for what would unfold in the next few minutes.  The look on his face when we pulled in at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta was pretty priceless.  We checked in right around lunch time for their Holiday Dreams package. photo 4 (19) photo 5 (17) December 2013 821 When we got to the room I finally told them the loose agenda for the two days and let them choose what we did first.  Predictably, they wanted to sprint right over to Centennial Olympic Park for ice skating first!  We grabbed to go hot apple ciders and vanilla jelly beans from the lobby and headed out in the cold.  It was the littles first time ice skating (or any sort of skating come to think of it) and they absolutely adored it.  There were plenty of tumbles and spills, but they were fearless and just kept trying until they got it!  It was no small miracle that we left with all bones intact. photo 1 (20) photo 3 (21) photo 4 (21) photo 5 (19) photo 1 (22) photo 2 (23)   photo 4 (23) photo 1 (18)  photo 2 (19) It was cold and raining after our session, so the littles were thrilled for their first cab ride.  Granted, it was all of two blocks, but they still thought it was awesome. photo 3 (19) We warmed up back at the Ritz with a pitcher of hot chocolate and a couple of hours worth of card games and cartoons.  photo 3 (20) December 2013 823 December 2013 830 We cleaned up and walked the block over to Hard Rock Cafe for supper.  There were loads more tempting places cuisine wise, but Honey and I both remembered going to Hard Rock as kids and thinking it was pretty fab.  When we walked in to find them rocking out to YMCA, the littles were sold. December 2013 832 December 2013 833 photo 5 (18)     December 2013 836 December 2013 837 December 2013 838 When we got back to the Ritz, the littles picked up caramel apples and cookies (the former of which Honey and I have since swiped and eaten).   December 2013 842 We were all out by nine and luxuriously slept in until eight the next morning.  There’s just something about a nice quiet hotel room with blackout curtains (and the fact that there is no den to clean, dishes to do or laundry to fold).  I surprised the crew with breakfast in bed and nearly squealed with delight when they rolled in the table of food.  Another first for the littles and something I don’t think they will soon forget.  I mean, gourmet pancakes in bed with Sponge Bob on the tele doesn’t happen often.  (Or ever around these parts.) December 2013 849  photo 2 (22) image After showering and dressing, we walked over to The World of Coke.  The baby has been begging to go ever since I took the PCP earlier this fall, and it was everything he dreamed and more.  I mean, what five year old doesn’t love an unlimited supply of sugary beverages, a friendly polar bear and TWO movies?!?!  December 2013 855 December 2013 856 December 2013 857  December 2013 861 December 2013 862 December 2013 863 After the World of Coke, we walked over to SkyView Atlanta.  It was really neat, and you can see so much of Atlanta – we spied the Tech Tower, Grant Field, Kennesaw Mountain and loads of other landmarks!!  I would love to do it again at night – this time of year would be especially pretty with all the holiday lights in Centennial Park. December 2013 866 December 2013 871 December 2013 872 December 2013 873 December 2013 874  We wrapped up our little getaway with a gigantic Mexican lunch, and then we all crashed at home for the rest of the afternoon. photo 5 (20) I’d venture to say many memories were made this weekend.  It was such a sweet and relaxed (sounds crazy since we did so much) way to make the most of the time between Christmas and New Years.   Merry merry, y’all. xoxo

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15 thoughts on “Holiday Dreams at the Ritz

  1. Wow, it looks like ya'll had a blast!! Thanks for sharing these highlights in your lives. It gives me great ideas to do with my 3 littles :).

  2. If there is ever a "Mother of the Year" or "Parents of the Year" you would certainly take the award, hands down! It looks like you had a wonderful time. What great memories you make with your sweet littles! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You really are such a fun mom! I love the big surprises but I also love reading the days you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  4. What wonderful family time…of course you do know, the little's the hubby and you…are postcard perfect! I grinned through this. you are LIVING life..each preciouse moment and that is priceless. Our little's…LOVED the motels and hotels anything different…anything…ummm stupendouse lol. Thank you for sharing and reminding me..that life is in every preciouse moment. Merry christmas and Happy Holidays..and was all post card perfect! HUGS!

  5. So glad you all got to experience it and looks like it was a blast! Here's to hoping our plans to do the same work out next year! After rescheduling FOUR times and having to cancel with a sick kid each time, we are packing up and hitting the nearest beach in the morning for rest of week and trying again next year! (not supposed to be warm but doc said the ocean air is great for asthmatic kids, so we are going with that!) Anyhoo — glad to see your pics!! And hope the offer at Ritz is as good next year!

  6. I love love love this idea. We will have to do this sometime in the "off season" here in New Orleans (when that is, I have no idea!) but I remember when I was a kid how excited I was just to go to a local hotel with my parents for a night because there was an indoor pool and an arcade.

    and we love world of coca cola… except Beverly. BLECH!

  7. I love love love the Ritz Carlton Atlanta. It's the only place I stay when I travel to your wonderful city for business!

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