Phipps Santa + The Pink Pig (and a Winner)

Mother and Daddy-O arrived on Thanksgiving eve and we spent the night kicking off the holiday season with a few of our family’s favorite traditions. 

November 2013 567 copy

November 2013 568

Our first stop was to see the Santa at Phipps Plaza – our 8th year visiting THE undisputed Santa of the South.

November 2013 537 copy

The littles worked on their lists pretty much all day long.  I’m hoping Santa knows what strange things like “Rayquaza full art level ex” and “Darth Maul outfit” mean, because I’ve never in my life seen lists with such odd terminology. 
photo 3 (28)

photo 2 (36) copy 
November 2013 552 copy

In fact, the PCP’s list was brief, but exceedingly detailed.  So much so that they had to take a little snooze before getting to the baby’s list.

November 2013 543 copy

photo 1 (37)

November 2013 556 copy

After hot chocolates and espressos at Starbucks (and a quick pop in the Lilly store), we scooted over to Lenox for our annual ride on the Pink Pig. 

photo 1 (35)

photo 2 (34)


November 2013 573

November 2013 581 copy

We had a casual dinner at one of our favorite little places – Corner Bakery…

DSCN0727   photo 4 (17)  photo 2 (35)

photo 3 (26)

…and rounded out our evening with the littles’ first tastes of Godiva!!

photo 1 (36)

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the holidays!

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20 thoughts on “Phipps Santa + The Pink Pig (and a Winner)

  1. Adorbs! We did the Pink Pig, Starbucks, and a quick J Crew trip for mama on Saturday evening-it was surprisingly nice and quiet there! If you haven't done the light show at the Botanical Gardens, I highly recommend it, we went Sunday evening and it was beautiful! PS Where do you buy your boys' dress clothes now that they're out of John Johns/longalls? I'm having a hard time for my (tall) 3.5 year old.

  2. Adore! Can't wait for our appointment. We live near Phipps/Lenox, but I am holding off on the Pink Pig visit until we see Santa.

  3. Those pictures and memories you have down on this blog are just beautiful. YOU can feel the joy as you look at them and the love of each family member. I just loved it. The train is awesome . I love the pics of the two with Santa and the one has this head thrown back SO cute and Santa loved it all. Just beautiful . I also wanted you to know that we enjoyed the thanksgiving cards that I recvd from your beautiful heart and give away that you did . Thanks so much .

  4. Awe. Precious Christmas memories. Another reason I love reading your blog every day. Our family had the same annual Atlanta Christmas traditions and I have so many happy memories eating lunch with my little ones at the Lenox Corner Bakery. Sniff.

  5. For those of us who missed the hair cutting episode, please tell us where it is posted. Your photos are very nice and joyful. Thanks!

  6. I am 54 yrs old and grew up going to the downtown Atlanta Rich's Department Store to ride the Pink Pig. And in my Smyrna, GA elementary school, it was a status symbol to wear your "I rode the Pink Pig" button to school the next day. So glad it is still around. And, yes, the Phipps Santa is GORGEOUS!

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