Cupcakes for CeeCee

We celebrated sweet Caroline’s first birthday at the most swoon-worthy little soiree last weekend.  Sister put together this darling affair at CamiCakes Creamery in Smyrna’s West Village.  They were absolute dolls to work with and the cupcakes and ice creams were divine!!  Everything was so precious that I had a terrible time trying to narrow down the pictures – y’all just sit back and enjoy…

January 2014 190 copy
 January 2014 461 copy 
  Mother made the darling tutu and put the bows on her sweater and shoes.  I LOVE IT!!!
 January 2014 302 copy

Sister used CeeCee’s Clay Rice silhouette on the party wares and as inspiration to paint the canvas.  I die at the cuteness.

January 2014 198 copy

January 2014 203 copy

January 2014 204 copy

January 2014 205 copy

I love how she put a bow on the party hat.  I mean, who would even recognize the baby girl without her bows?!?!

January 2014 208 copy

The waffle bowls were filled with ice cream toppings, wooden spoons and a napkin.  So adorable and the perfect little favor for this sweet soiree.

January 2014 209 copy

The inside of CamiCakes is just perfection, the staff was ah-mazing, and the sweet treats were divine.

January 2014 183 copy

January 2014 194 copy

January 2014 189 copy
January 2014 173 copy 
Bigs and littles alike had the best time bellying up to the counter to order whatever their hearts’ desired!!

January 2014 216 copy

January 2014 221 copy

January 2014 229

January 2014 308 copy

And it all hit the spot!!  Sister provided them with the flags and striped napkins to serve with the treats. 

January 2014 223 copy

January 2014 228 copy

January 2014 249 copy

January 2014 258 copy

January 2014 273 copy

January 2014 247 copy

January 2014 252

January 2014 260

January 2014 266

January 2014 268 copy

January 2014 337

All of CeeCee’s family was in attendance.  Such a fun afternoon of celebrating the baby of both sides of the family!

January 2014 231

January 2014 235

January 2014 236

January 2014 264

January 2014 274

January 2014 275

January 2014 283  January 2014 348 copy  January 2014 433

January 2014 324 copy

January 2014 442

January 2014 293 copy2
 January 2014 323 copy

January 2014 328 copy 
January 2014 451 copy 
When it was finally time for the birthday girl to eat she was thrilled.  We all just oohed and ahhed over her after singing happy birthday.
January 2014 355 copy

January 2014 362 copy

January 2014 372 copy

January 2014 375 copy

January 2014 379 copy
January 2014 401 copy

 January 2014 416 copy
 January 2014 427 copy
CeeCee adored all of the ribbons and bows on her gifts.  I’m not at all surprised :-)
 January 2014 467 copy

January 2014 487 copy
 January 2014 496 copy  January 2014 504 copy

January 2014 517 copy

Happy First Birthday, sweet Caroline!!!  You are so very loved!!

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21 thoughts on “Cupcakes for CeeCee

  1. CeeCee reminds me of my Belle…from the very first day in the hospital, she never went without a bow. I'm happy to report that she still wears them 8 years later.

    Sister threw a lovely affair! Looks like the perfect venue and CeeCee was beyond adorable. Happy 1st!!!

  2. I could just die from all that cuteness!!! Pink, frills, bows, what is not to like. And, add in cupcakes and ice cream? What a sweet party for Miss CeeCee!!

  3. So precious!!! Outstanding job Sister! But I expect nothing less from you gals. Just perfect!! LOVE her outfit and all the bows. Preciousness all around!!! Happy 1st birthday CeeCee!

  4. I can't take it! Thank you for this sweet, girlly, precious, sugary adventure into THE soirée! Am I crazy to say I have been waiting for it?! I know I'm not alone! ;) Please thank Sister for sharing it with us and for the adorable favor idea. It would be cute for a pool party next summer. You gals never cease to amaze and it's all done with such joy and love. Cee Cee looked liked a little cupcake and her lace bloomers were fabulous! "Dixie", you always capture the fun details with your beautiful photography, which adds to the perfection. Many wishes to The Birthday Girl! Jane, San Diego

  5. P. S. I hereby declare that Cee Cee now stand for Cutest Cupcake! Your mother did a magnificent job on the ensemble and it was the icing on the cake!! (Okay, I'll stop!)
    Jane ~ San Diego. :)

  6. After smiling and giggling at all the pics, I found my mouth watering for something sweet and alas we are snowed in for a few days down south! Really awesome pics…did you take them? Looks like your photography..nice!

  7. she is just too precious for words Amanda…and I love that pic of your parents. looks like everyone had a drool-worthy time!

  8. The first of many parties for this adorable little girl! Everything is just beautiful. Love all the photos and especially with CeeCee and her brother. Sweet memories!


  9. Your little sister pulled off another darling party with this one! And your photography was the best! You two girls are so talented and creative. I wish I had half of those ideas swirling around in your brains!
    Love, Marme

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