Great White Valentine

John was beyond excited to choose the Tiny Prints Great White design for his Valentine cards this year.  I was so not surprised, seeing as he looks forward to Shark Week fifty-one weeks a year and my DVR is overflowing with episodes of River Monsters.

January 2014 164 copy

Now, I was on a serious mission to find shark gummies for this project.  Yes, they do sell packs of them in the fruit snack aisle at the grocery store, but I wanted big blue sharks.  And when I set my sights on something like that I drive everyone I know crazy looking for it.  Sister was hunting at Fresh Markets and Mother at Home Goods (I had reports of shark gummy sightings at both places.)  Well, lo and behold if they didn’t have a big bin of them at Wilderness at the Smokies, of all places.  I could hardly believe my good fortune!!  Since I’m guessing the masses are not planning a Smoky Mountain getaway between now and February 14, never fear, they can be ordered from  And you can also go with the packets from the grocery store OR use these from Oriental Trading.  More than you ever wanted to know about shark gummies, no?  I picked up the bag of Swedish Fish at WalMart to throw in as shark bait.  Sister thought they were a fine choice since they look like bloody fish.  And here I was naively thinking they just coordinated nicely with the colors of the card.
January 2014 165 copy

As I mentioned yesterday, I was so so so so happy to just buy super cute cards this year that didn’t require printing, cutting and likes.  (See the Fishtastic Friends Valentine’s HERE!)

January 2014 169 copy

And with that, our Valentine treats are a wrap!!

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12 thoughts on “Great White Valentine

  1. Those are adorable! John is going to love giving them to his friends!
    I ordered the blue ones for my sons' shark party. They came from Amazon and I ended up with 5 pounds. You don't want to know what happens to your tummy if you eat too many blue gummy sharks!

  2. I know they have the blue gummy sharks at Greene's candy store in Decatur. They have a huge selection of gummies (and nuts, and chocolate, and all sorts of yummy things), so you could check it out if you're in the market again and need someplace a little closer.

  3. Alright, Miss Dixie Delights. You are now in my "Other Great Blogs" list. Can't believe you weren't there before. I actually had to go and check to make sure!
    I think I always love your things because I also have two boys – who are now gross teenagers, but so cute in their new awkward way. Your projects and comments about your boys make me remember the sweeter pre-girl times.

    When valentines were for me!

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