Be Mine {February Door}

Happy Valentine’s month, y’all.  I have been anxiously awaiting February 1st to put out my Bronwyn Hanahan Be Mine door hanger!!! 

February 2014 024 copy

February 2014 003 copy

Now, my pots are still in a despicable state.  I mean, it seems it’s too cold here for even pansies to grow.  Mother and Sister have been merciless on this matter.  Sooooo, I took a little spin through the Home Depot this morning to see if they had anything to beef them up a little and… well… the nursery shelves were completely and totally empty.  I guess the snowpocalpyse got to them too. 

But I digress…I gave the dogs some cheery pink and red ribbons for the month and the sight of my front door makes me grin from ear to ear every time I drive up.  (Which has been all of one time as of this posting.  But still.  I smiled.)
 February 2014 005 copy

The boys are at baseball tryouts and we have a basketball game and tennis matches this afternoon.  Busy, busy.  If only the sun would come out!!  And it seems tomorrow is not only Groundhog Day (please, Beau, I BEG OF YOU, please predict an early spring…) but Man Day around these parts to boot.  Time to cook up some fun :-)

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6 thoughts on “Be Mine {February Door}

  1. How cute! I'll admit to being ready for Spring this year, I mean we've already started baseball practice so it seems like time! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. Amanda, I love pussy willow branches for the stretch of feb/mar into early April. They add height which I love! They are soft but hearty and to me evoke the promise of Spring. I usually have to special order a few bunches fromy florist but I bet your grocery could order for you and I think SAMs has them too occasionally ( although it might be March??) I also save mine from year to year….:)

  3. Your front door looks so festive! Yes, the nurseries are completely clear of anything green after the snow. Here's hoping for an early spring!!

  4. Love it! I think the dogs look cute too. No plants around here either. I think the severe cold everywhere has affected all the nurseries.

    Have a great Sunday!

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