Snow Cream + Some Fun

As y’all know by now, Honey arrived home safe after a harrowing twenty-two hours stranded in his car on a major Georgia interstate.  He pushed cars out of the way, made it as far home as he safely could by driving, abandoned his car and finally walked the last few miles.  This was a sight for sore eyes and the answer to many, many prayers…

January 2014 572

He had no coat, no gloves, no hat and only loafers on his feet, but he made it!!  He remained SO calm and positive throughout the night and actually said he could have made it at least another day before getting worried :-)  (Meanwhile I was at home doing my type-A super freak-out for 22 hours straight.)  As soon as I can safely get to Target, I am provisioning both of our cars with emergency kits. 

January 2014 573

After a hot meal and hotter shower, he didn’t head to bed.  Nope, he geared up to take the boys out sledding ALL DAY LONG.  I hunkered down with the neighborhood ladies and we finally had some much deserved fun in the snow!!  After all, this really is a novelty for us down South.  We even got to celebrate the 11th birthday of one of the best kids I have the pleasure of knowing.  Thank you to the R family for keeping us (and three additional families) fed and watered (and by water I do mean wine) and entertained yesterday.  Was a memorable day!!

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Before things got so dicey on Tuesday, I set out a bowl to collect clean snow for “snow cream”.  We used the darling “Just Add Ice Cream” kits that were CeeCee’s party favor to serve them up!!

January 2014 595 copy

Snow Cream
– 1/2 gallon clean snow
– 1/2 cup sugar
– 1 cup milk
– 1/2 tsp vanilla

Mix sugar and snow.  In a separate bowl, mix milk and vanilla.  Add the milk mixture to the snow mixture and stir.  Enjoy!!

So thankful to wake up all under the same roof, this morning I was finally in a place to appreciate the beauty of the snow covered grounds. 

January 2014 576 copy

That being said, the roads all around our house are still covered in sheets of ice.  We live on a very hilly and pretty shady road, and this is what either end of our road looks like as of this morning…

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (4)

And this is the entrance to our neighborhood as of 11AM today…

image (2)  image (4)

image (5)

image (8) 

Scary, no?!?!  If I were a betting woman I’d say we will be bundled up here until Saturday.  When it is rumored to be 60 degrees!?!?  Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your thoughts, prayers and kind wishes.  I hope that all of you that had loved ones stranded have now seen them home safely.  This momma hen will be keeping her chickens at home at the next mere mention of the “s” word.

PS. This is a great article on the debacle.

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41 thoughts on “Snow Cream + Some Fun

  1. Oh, no your hubby was in that nightmare of a mess! So glad he got home and he had to be frozen. Your street is a banged up mess! Ours did not get that bad and hubby doesn't work very far from home so no problem there.

  2. Wow. That is a lot of car pile. I am glad that your hubby is home safe. This has been really scary and I am hoping that we really will get warmer days soon.

  3. wow! I saw your story and a lot of similar ones from friends who live over there. I'm stocking up our cars too with snacks and water. I already keep blankets in there.

  4. Oh my goodness, that is quite a mess! So glad your hubby finally made it home safe and sound … and he's even smiling … what a good guy to go out and play with the kids! I hope the people in charge have learned a lesson from all this!

  5. Son thankful he made it home finally. It is still a mess out there. My jeep got a screw in the tire, so we are at the tire store. Holcomb Bridge still has cars abandoned all over, some sticking out in the roadway! So dangerous.

  6. I can't believe what a difference a few miles makes. Gwinnett truly got off easy in this one. The scenes from your neighborhood and the surrounding streets are shocking today! I hope the sun and warmer temps today provide some relief to your area.

    Biggest praise for everyone under one roof. Honey is truly a blessing to your family! Enjoy the rest of the snow days.

  7. WOW! That is a big mess. I cannot believe the cars in your neighborhood. When will W be able to get his car off the interstate?

  8. I'm fairly certain the person behind that bus is following too closely. Ha! I know it's not funny yet. I'm so glad he arrived home safe and sound! Enjoy the rest of your homebound snow week! Spring will be a sight for sore eyes in Georgia! Bring it on!

  9. So glad that that mess should soon be gone. What a nightmare!! My 20 year old nephew moved to his sister's apartment on Saturday to take a construction job in downtown Atlanta. He was in the mess until he decided that he was not staying on the road all night. He took it upon himself to make his own path through the snow and ice on the side of the road all the way home. it took him more than 10 hours and he had to stop at a gas station and borrow a charger to charge his phone so that he would have directions! I can't believe his small Toyota didn't get stuck on the roadside. His sister was less fortunate. She got stuck but got out and walked to a hospital nearby where she could stay warm for the night. Somehow, we never imagine that this is going to happen to us in the south!!

  10. Wow – that's crazy!!!! I'm so glad your husband got home safely after all of that. Do they not have salt trucks down there?

    This northern girl (ok, old lady!) wants you to put together an emergency kit for all cars – TODAY! We have blankets, water bottles, flash lights, flares and granola bars in a back pack in all cars. My husband and sons also have a change of sox, gloves and an extra hat in theirs, because nothing is worse than being wet and cold!

    Stay safe and next time – send US the cold and snow, I love it!!!!!


  11. I read the Politico story you linked and it reminded me of what happened here in Houston several years ago. After Hurricane Katrina hit the south, Hurricane Rita was heading our way and the town freaked out. The city officials told people to leave instead of hunker down and thousands ended up stranded on the road, luckily before the hurricane got here. With everyone leaving at the same time it was utter chaos and it made for a similar situation as to what y'all had. People stuck on congested highways, babies being born in cars, etc but all in horrible Texas heat. Luckily, the city officials learned from their mistakes and when Hurricane Ike hit a few years later they knew what to do. There was no chaos and all ended well, for the most part. Here's hoping Atlanta's city officials will learn from their mistakes and do something about it next time.

  12. Thank goodness the sun is shining today and it's warming up out there! We got hit hard on our side of town too, Alpharetta. Stocking my car too-would you make a list for us and post it? I know YOU would think of EVERYTHING! Here's to school tomorrow!!

  13. Amanda, I keep wondering if you were able to sleep at all, while waiting for him to return….and how much the Littles were aware of the situation. What did YOU do the whole night, besides pray, scream and rage (as I would have done too.) You are such an inspiration, we would be curious to know. Thanks. Stay cozy!

  14. so glad he made it home safely. We lived in Marietta about 30 years ago and I well remember how bad ice can be down there. Have fun with your family and friends!

  15. Well, I non stop watched the news trying to help him figure out any possible way to navigate home. I usually turn OFF the news when there is something scary happening so that the littles don't see it, but this was an exception. They heard us talking and saw the TV and were very scared for him. Whit whimpered and cried all night. I finally put them to bed in our bed around 8:30 and they went right to sleep. I spent the rest of the night talking to Honey every 30 minutes on the nose. Just touching base, making sure he was okay, trying to figure out if there was anything that could be done. I dozed off at one point for about 45 mins and woke up FRANTIC. I called him and couldn't get through. He was able to get through to me a few minutes later to report nothing had changed. Was an awful and scary night that I am glad is behind us. Thanks for asking :-)

  16. So happy that your husband made it home safely! Glad y'all could enjoy the snow afterwards :-)

  17. Well, Honey looks no worse for the wear after such an ordeal! I'll bet that smile just melted your heart!

    I am from Ohio, and fairly new to your blog. I believe I found you through another I read, that was showing pretty homes decorated for Christmas. After reading your blog yesterday asking for prayers, I forwarded it to my five sisters, so they could pray as well. My older sister, Jeanne, wrote back exclaiming that she too reads Dixie Delights! Can you believe, that out of a bazillion blogs, two sisters managed to find yours! We both just love your writing, sense of humor and photos. And, you have a darling family! I love reading some of the hilarious things your "littles" come up with. Especially the things they say to the doctor!
    Your home is stunning, I love all that you and Honey have done to it. I would LOVE to have that back porch and your basement is so pretty, as is the rest of your home. I love that you put so much thought and energy into creating a fun and memorable childhood for your boys. My son is now 18 and in his first year of college. Where did those years go?

    Sincerely Karen C.

  18. Your husband coulda been a Navy Seal.

    Here's a tip I remember my great-aunt from snowy Rochester, NY suggesting: in winter keep an empty coffee tin with a pillar candle in the car. Good source of heat when stranded in your car.

    Glad kids got to enjoy the snow!

  19. Born and bred in the far north suburbs of Chicago, I am grateful that our area has been conditioned to prepare for the snow, cold, ice and wind (as much as possible) It's been a very frigid winter this season, though. We've hit well into the double digits for below freezing for wind chill. Seeing what your area went though, and your husband's story – it's unreal. I can only imagine the frustration. This is the closest to the situation I can remember "locally". The drifts in my yard were hip level after that Feb 2012 blizzard. On the upside, what a great way to celebrate your unique snow days. It reads/looks as if your husband has a great attitude. I am so glad that all is well now! Oh look…we're getting more snow as I type. ;)

  20. I am so glad he made it home safe! I am also REALLY glad that you were able to relax and ENJOY the snow a bit. Yes-that is scary looking with all those cars piled up-scary indeed!!! xo Diana

  21. I have been waiting for your update. What a guy that honey is! So tell me, what I don't get is how in the world people went to the bathroom while being stranded in their cars?
    As a citizen of the area I would really like the media to turn the attention on all the good Samaritans and stranded good guys like your husband instead of the focus on the mayor and governor.

  22. I can only imagine your relief! And hubby's to finally get home, eat and have a hot shower. Prayer works!

    Glad you had a fun time in the snow and could relax.


  23. God bless you. Thanks for answering. You are brave and smart and again, I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. It's a terrible reminder that life can change on a dime and to cherish it all….which you do every day. :) Poor little Whit. You're a great mom and hope you can all put it behind you and have a happy, safe and warm weekend. We must all continue to pray for those who endure such hardships daily that we are unaware of. Jane San Diego

  24. I can't imagine 22 hours.. it took me 8 1/2 hours to get home from my parents house (typically 30min) and took my boyfriend 10+ hours to go 15 miles… thankfully I drive a 4wd truck but the traffic was just awful, there were plenty of meltdowns and times where I just thought about getting out and walking up hwy 75. We live on a huge hill too and about 50 cars wrecked trying to get up, cops and the fire department showed up today with gravel and tow truck to move the cars… just glad Cobb SD finally decided to not make staff report tomorrow. Glad your hubby made it home safe!!

  25. Oh my goodness, your neighborhood looks so much worse than ours. The guys in the neighborhood got together and scraped and shoveled the hills that had received no sunshine. Looks like your guys had a terrific day and another to look forward to tomorrow. Yay! No school. Glad your hubby survived the Arctic day and night.

  26. We're adding boots, tooth brush, and a change of clothing to my husband's (what we thought was well stocked) emergency kit. Well, we have to find the boots. They haven't been used in quite some time. It's not easy finding new size 15 snow boots.

    Spring can't come too soon!!

  27. I'm glad your husband made it home and safely! I live near 85, but north of Atlanta. Thankfully, I have been able to avoid a large part of that by not having to go into Atlanta. Though I do I have night classes, however those have been canceled since Tuesday, so I haven't even been on the road. I cannot believe there have been so many abandoned cars and people have to walk their way home. This winter storm seems to be worse than the one we had few years ago, even though that one had ATL shut down for a week! GaTech had like 4 days of canceled classes. It's that ice man…
    Carolyn | BLOG

  28. Suzanne, (above) I also saw comparisons with Gone With The Wind! Except my thought was when Honey was still stuck, and it was all so worrisome. It reminded me of the scene where the women were at the kitchen table, as they nervously sewed and read the Bible, waiting for the men to get back. But your Ashley comment is perfect. :) Had it been under better circumstances, don't we all just know our dear Amanda would have whipped up a tasseled, gold, (monogrammed, perhaps) silken sash?! We love you, Dixie! Jane SD

  29. We are just across the state line in Birmingham, so I understand how you must have felt! We have a weekend trip planned with our Supper Club and on the agenda is to compile a list of items for The Perfect Survival Kit When Shit Hits the Fan. Should be interesting! Glad your family is safe.

  30. My husband recently told me the story of their neighbor walking home from Atlanta (about 20 miles) during an ice storm years ago…and I told him he was making that up. When I showed him the picture of your husband walking home he laughed that NOW I believed him. You have pictures to show your grandkids that it really happened.

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