Disney Truth or Dare {Giveaway}

As the third addition to my Truth or Dare game repertoire (LOL…that’s a phrase I never dreamt of writing.  See Halloween here and Christmas here.), I am thrilled to roll out a Disney themed version!!  This family LOVES to play truth or dare games at supper time.  Everyone eats their peas and broccoli and is having such a fun time they barely even noticed that they did :-) 

February 2014 264 copy   
There are sixteen truths and sixteen dares.  We play by rolling a few dice, adding up the total and then picking a truth or dare based on if the sum is even or odd.  You know we love an opportunity to squeeze a little math in too.  I found the darling “mice dice” on my girls trip to Disney and couldn’t resist the cuteness.  In fact, they were the impetus for this whole endeavor.

February 2014 265 copy

I’m saving our copy for our next Disney trip so my own littles haven’t even played yet!!  I think it will be great for many things – from our traditional pre-Disney dinner, to the car ride down, to down time at the resort, to waiting in lines in the parks.  I mean, how FUN is that?!?!  You can find both a digital download and a finished copy in the magical extras section of my etsy store!

February 2014 271 copy

Because I love to spread Disney cheer, I’m giving away a printed and laminated copy to one lucky reader.  The giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only.  Post a separate comment for any/all of the following and leave your email address if you don’t have a blog or profile where I can find you.  You will get one chance to win for each thing you do – that’s two chances per person!!

1. Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know.
2. Leave a comment letting me know your favorite Disney memory.
I’ll choose a winner on March 28.

PS.  All orders for autograph books placed by Sunday March 23 will ship by next Friday, March 28.  Orders placed after Sunday will go out mid-April.

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43 thoughts on “Disney Truth or Dare {Giveaway}

  1. Though I loved going as a child and in high school, my most favorite Disney memory was taking my own children to WDW a couple of years ago. Seeing the magic through their eyes is the best. ;)

  2. I just LOVE everything Disney that you make! I've only been to Disney once when I was in 7th grade! I enjoyed Magic Kingdom the best and the Mickey ice cream :) My husband gets to hear me tell him weekly how much your Disney cruise and Disney world posts make me want to go back terribly! We are hoping to go with his cousins and our niece in November! This little game would be perfect! Now I must find some Mickey dice before then! Too cute!

  3. I read your blog every morning. It just makes me smile each day. I have 3 boys so I can relate to being the only female in the house, but I wouldn't want it any other way.
    My favorite Disney memory was just last month while visiting with Mary Poppins at Epcot. She asked my 6 year to deliver a message to Aladdin for her. He delivered the message perfectly and was so proud of himself.

  4. My favorite disney moment was seeing the way my girls eyes sparkled when she got to twirl with cinderella. Our 1st disney cruise in 2 weeks. Cant wait. Thanks for all your fun tips etc!

  5. This is too cute and fun! If you asked me 8 months ago what my favorite Disney memory was, it would be all of the family trips we made with my grandparents staying in the Yacht club and making memories that I still remember as an adult. But, 7 months ago my fiance (prince charming) proposed in Cinderella's Castle and made me the happiest girl in the world!

    [email protected]

  6. My favorite memory is walking into the princess breakfast with my then 2 year old twins. They are 7 now, and we 've skipped that breakfast the past few years. :(

  7. My favorite Disney memory is out first character dinner for my husbands birthday last year. The kids loved having extended one on one time with the characters and my husband said it was his BEST birthday ever! We are excited to spend my sons 5th birthday in WDW this year! -Jessica

  8. My favorite Disney memory is riding Dumbo with my dad and not realizing that we could have pushed a button and flown up and down. We just cruised around the bottom and I loved every minute of it!

  9. So many favorite Disney memories. My mother and I visit Disney World every year for our mother/daughter vacation. So much fun!

  10. So many awesome memories, but one of my favorites is my son's very smitten face after a kiss from Snow White!

  11. I read your blog every day and it always inspires something positive :) My favorite Disney memory may be surprising and is from New Year's Day this year. I stopped with my family to ask a park attendant directions in the Magic Kingdom and a bird relieved itself all.over.me. The attendant was so shocked she just stood there, mouth ajar and then broke down laughing. My family followed suit while I frantically grasped for my package of baby wipes. She proceeded to tell me it was great luck…


  12. My husband and I spent our honeymoon 35 years ago at Walt Disney World staying at the Contemporary! Now, what we paid for 5 nights probably would not even get us 1 night there!! bjn1957{at}gmail{dot}com

  13. My favorite Disney moment is when my 4 year old daughter was watching the fireworks during the Not So Scary Mickey Party and Yelled – This is the best day ever! and it was!

  14. Because I grew up in Orlando, I've got tons of happy Disney memories. My husband and I even still go to one of the parks almost weekly just to walk around and some of my siblings and their husbands are joining us to "eat our way around the world" at Epcot. We love it. But I think my favorite Disney memory is the very first trip the month Walt Disney World opened when I was 12. So magical. Well that and the current visits I making with my grandkids (one at a time to make a special day just for them). Thanks for the opportunity.

  15. I favorite Disney memory happened when my oldest daughter, Caroline, was about 3. She was very much into the princesses, but at the time, she was an "All Aurora, all the time" gal. As luck would have it, we spotted Aurora all alone in a little spot in the France pavilion at EPCOT. We got Caroline over there, and the two of them had all sorts of time together. I was crying before she even got up to her, I think! My most favorite part of the interaction, though, was when Caroline looked up at Aurora and said, "You're my favorite princess!" Aurora gave her a little hug and said, "Caroline, you're MY favorite princess!" Heaven help me, I ugly cried right there in EPCOT. It makes me cry even typing it all out!

  16. Just went to Disney for the first time as a family in December. I have so many wonderful memories. One of my favorites was getting off our first ride-Toy Story Mania and my 4 year old son exclaimed " that was awesome." His face was priceless and will forever be ingrained in my memory.

  17. I loved going to Disney as a child, but my favorite memory was taking my two boys to Disneyland a few years ago. We can't wait to go back!

  18. My favorite Disney memory was taking my boys on the tower of terror for the first time!!!! Priceless!

  19. My fave Disney memory is getting engaged at Cinderella Castle in 2005:-). Happiest place on earth!

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