That Just Happened

So y’all… have you ever had a big thing in your life just on the brink of happening but didn’t know how to share the details? 

Weeeellllll, last May (as in nearly a year ago), Lisa Mowry (whom I’ve since become friends with!) pitched my porch project to Better Homes and Gardens…and they said YES!  She came out with a photographer and flowers and fruits and little decorative items and I spent the day watching her work her magic.  It happened SO fast, was the last week of school, and I was literally up to my eyeballs – so much so that I didn’t immediately share all this with y’all.  Well, then we packed up and left on the Disney Cruise and then it was summer and before long it felt weird to be sharing something that happened so “long ago” and something that I felt like would probably end up on the cutting room floor anyway.  Not to mention that I can brag on my littles till I’m blue in the face, but when it comes to my own accomplishments I feel a little strange.  Well, after ten months of radio silence, the surreal moment comes when I’m standing in Target and flipping through the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens (because mine has not yet arrived) to the Smart Style: 10 Great Porch Ideas page…

March 2014 338

… and there’s ME.  Standing on MY porch.  OMG.  I die.  I squeal.  And frantically look around to make sure nobody sees me standing there with my hair all askew and yesterday’s mascara smudged under my eyes looking at a picture of MYSELF in a MAGAZINE!!!!!

March 2014 341
All TEN ideas are about my porch.  Like, FOUR whole pages.  It was just surreal to see it in print, in a national magazine, nonetheless.

March 2014 342

March 2014 343

March 2014 344

I mean, I even made the table of contents, for cryin’ out loud… All Decked Out: It’s tough to tell this made-over porch from a living room.

March 2014 339

That just happened, y’all.  IT REALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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96 thoughts on “That Just Happened

  1. Holy Cow! I'm squealing too! That is seriously amazing, and so well deserved. I have a feeling lots of good things are going to be rolling your way. Congratulations!

  2. Oh my word, I am so thrilled for you and how fabulous is this whole thing. I have to get the magazine, this is wonderful. Congratulations!!!!!!! Your porch really is totally amazing. Hugs, Marty

  3. Congratulations! You deserve it. I love your blog along with my mom and 12 year old daughter – we all read it every day!

    Best, Megan

  4. So excited for you!!! I found you in there the other day and wondered how in the world you could keep quiet with such an honor :). The feature was well deserved!!! Woo hoo!!!

  5. Congrats Amanda! Well deserved my friend. Your porch has always been my favorite, and I truly believe your entire home (ok, even you will agree -the blue tile tub) belongs in home magazines! I am so happy for you. I saw some comments regarding it and had not received my copy yet in the mail. Had to pull it up on my Ipad! Ok, I too may have squealed!! "I know her!!!" LOL

  6. That is just SO COOL and well deserved. I don't comment much, but I follow your blog every single day, mostly while I'm on hall duty at the high school where I teach. Congratulations, so-so Southern lady! And thanks for making hall duty fun:-)

  7. I need to get a copy since I no longer subscribe. I am off to the store to get one. Your porch was a labor of love so it should be featured. Miss you, my friend. xo Ron @ Uptown Acorn

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! Better Homes and Gardens is as American as apple pie…I grew up with my Mom's issues in our home, as many of you gals surely did too.

    I feel like I "know" you so seeing your porch in the glossies is very fun and exciting. I'll be picking up my copy today! You must have been holding your breath as you flipped to the feature! Was anybody with you?!

    You deserve a "Release Party"!
    Pop. Clink. Toast … to you!

    This a huge honor, even more so because you and your family designed and created it. Fabulous!

    Jane ~ San Diego

  9. How fabulous!! You are well-deserving of such an honor- my goodness, the work you put into the oyster chandelier alone is magazine-worthy!
    I have often wondered how long it would be until I saw you in a magazine!
    Yay! Yay! Yay!

  10. I picked up my copy yesterday, I was so excited to see somebody I kind of knew, from blogging anyway. It's a great article and so happy for you you certainly deserve it. Cheers Frances

  11. I have that magazine waiting on my counter to read…now I cannot wait! Love your blog…it is the only one I follow! Congratulations to you!
    Kristen, Jacksonville FL

  12. I'm proud to have such a beautiful, talented and famous friend! How could you let me babble on at the ball park without sharing this little detail?! I guess I should add modest to the list! Congrats, A! No one is more deserving. I'm buying this to go on my coffee table today!!! Love, S

  13. What a fantastic article! Great pictures and you're even in the Table of Contents. That's so exciting. Congratulations! I love your blog. So proud of you. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of your rooms in magazines soon.

  14. I don't read BHG on a regular basis. My husband sometimes brings one home every couple of months. He brought the April one home about 3 or 4 days ago but it was LAST NIGHT I finally picked it up. Surprise, surprise when I turned the page and said, "That looks like Amanda; that looks like Amanda's chandelier!" Looked down and sure enough, Amanda W from Atlanta! I am so excited for you! Congratulations!!! This is well deserved!

  15. Just starting reading my BHG and saw your article before I read your blog post! Was so excited to see it and felt like I was reading about a good friend! So happy for you and love reading about your beautiful home and wonderful ideas!

  16. Congratulations!!!! I was flipping through the pages of my copy yesterday and saw you! I was like I know who that is!!!! That is so awesome!!!

  17. Amanda, this is just simply awesome! Congratulations on your feature – they need to showcase every room in your home! xo

  18. That is so exciting! I am so happy for you and have longed for your porch on more than one occasion. Being featured in BHG is a well-deserved accomplishment. Congratulations!

  19. Congratulations! I was thrilled when I opened my BHG this morning and saw my FAVORITE BLOGGER! Love your porch! Love your style!

  20. You have a beautiful blog. I read it daily. This honor is very well-deserved….I'm leaving right now to pick up my own personal copy…CONGRATULATIONS!

  21. OMG Girlie this is awesome!!! Congrats to you! We'll have to toast to your new "celeb" status in HH. Can't wait to hear about it. So very happy for you!!! Well deserved and can't wait for the next feature.

  22. Wow!!!! Bravo to you. I love BHG, and I love your porch so can't wait to get my April issue so I can see it in person. Congrats on a job (and surprise) well done!

  23. Very exciting stuff! You do have a talent for decor/design. I am always looking to your sight for inspiration, and feel like my style has evolved because of you! Thanks for sharing your talent! I am sure you spend a lot of work on your craft!

  24. I know! I was going to post something about it on my blog but didn't want to steal your thunder. I am so thrilled for you. I couldn't wait to show this to my girls- xo Diana

  25. I am so happy for you Amanda. It is a well deserved honor, your porch is absolutely fantastic. I'm sure they'll be back for the rest later:-)

  26. Congratulations! You so deserve this. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your sense of style! Did I mention that I love your style?!?!?!

  27. Congrats girl , you have such a warm and friendly way of writing your blog that I feel like a "friend" has been honored! Lol. Being a southern girl myself , I totally realize what a big deal being in a southern staple like that is! Your parents must be pleased as punch! The best thing of all is that the issue can go into your boys memory boxes and alway have such a wonderful memory of their strong, sucessful southern mama. As we say in the South, Amanda you have arrived !

  28. Amanda, congratulations! Your porch is THE STANDARD by which all others are judged! Seriously, do you know how many times I've dragged my hub to the PC to show him your porch to give him an idea of what I am dreaming of??? I have loved following your blog for some time now and am so proud of you!

  29. Happy dance, happy dance for you!! The feature is beautiful! I am thrilled for you and can't believe that you have kept a lid on this!! Enjoy!!

  30. OMG – Amanda, I am so excited for you! You definitely deserve this! I saw your Instagram when we were driving back from Vermont this afternoon and I said out loud to my family – "Yay – Amanda made the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens!" My husband was like, "Who is Amanda?" I had to laugh because I realized they just have no concept of the people I "know" in this crazy virtual world! Anyway, I rushed to the mailbox but my issue isn't here yet. It better hurry up! Anyway, congrats on this awesome accomplishment! Cheers! – Shelley

  31. Hi Amanda,

    I don't leave comments very often as I'm not a 'mommy' or have children, but read daily because you remind me of my own mother (who we lost of cancer when I was 8) and reading your blog is a daily reminder of her spirit, creativity and love.

    Congratulations – this is well deserved.


  32. Amanda,
    So excited for you. I was just flipping through the magazine when I saw a picture that made me pause…I knew I had seen it somewhere before and I thought it was yours and sure enough it was! Congrats, what a well deserved honor…

  33. WOW!!! Was flipping through my issue yesterday as I walked back from the mailbox – saw your picture and thought – that's Amanda – I knew that face and porch from your blog. What a wonderful recognition and honor – BHG at your house and then your home in BHG! Can't imagine the feeling!! I enjoy your postings so much – I feel like you could be my neighbor and look forward to all that you share!

  34. How awesome! Cannot wait to read my issue. Definitely, not surprised, your whole home is gorgeous- porch included!!!

  35. And YOU look beautiful too! You perfectly match the pretty colors on the cover! :) Dixie, you even inspire BHG!!

    Jane, San Diego

  36. OMG! I received my BH&G yesterday, but hadn't opened it yet…. I flew over to it when I started reading your post…. That is awesome! Your project should be showcased as you all did such a great job of it and you all really enjoy using it. Congrats!

  37. So very excited for you!! You do have a natural talent and the world needs to see it :)

    I think they should feature your garage next….I hope they saw that when at your house for the shoot.


  38. It is so magazine worthy! I look at your porch photos regularly as I want to add one to the back of my home. Congrats- how exciting!

  39. Yay! One of my friends who also reads your blog texted me the picture and I recognized the porch before I recognized you lol! It's my dream porch and I drool over it on a regular basis!

  40. Congratulations! What a well-deserved honor! The article is perfect, and the pictures are beautiful. I just wish they would've listed your blog address in there somewhere so that their readers could visit & see the rest of your fabulous home!

  41. Congratulations! Those BHG people really know what they're doing! :) You look beautiful and I'm so happy to see that your porch looks pretty much like it does in your photos…that they didn't change things up too much. That's a HUGE compliment to your style as well, I would think. So happy for you!

  42. YAY! I'll be thrilled to see your gorgeous (and by now very familiar to me) porch in one of my stand-by mags. It'll be like seeing a lovely old friend! So happy for a fun dream come true for you–well deserved!

  43. I am so excited for you. I haven't gotten to your page in my own BHG yet but I would've recognized it right away! Your porch is probably my favorite one in blogland. I've pinned it and gone back to look at it for inspiration time and time again. SOMEDAY I will have a screened porch. I know I will! Congrats, Patti

  44. Oh my goodness – I am so happy with you! I MUST have my own copy of the magazine and hopefully one day get you to sign it! That is AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!!!

  45. Congratulations!! How exciting and much deserved. I had set my copy aside to read later – am going to have to pull it out now :). I have a feeling this is just the first of many features of your beautiful home.

  46. Awesome! Not surprised one bit! You need to do a monthly column. I love all your ideas including all the kid friendly fetes.

  47. I am not surprised at all! I have told many people to go to your blog and look at that fabulous porch. Congrats!
    DiAnne in nC

  48. congrats amanda!!! as a long time follower i have been such a fan of your blog (my favorite!!) and someone who works at a magazine i have ALWAYS thought your home looked like it was straight from a magazine!!! you and your home are just beautiful and picture perfect! im so glad everyone can see just how fab you are! now if only i can get my home to look like that! haha. also i LOVE what you are wearing in the mag! FABULOUS!!! CONGRATS!! :)

  49. Wow! That is amazing and well deserved. I read your blog every day and love your southern style. My mom reads too! The porch is beautiful and I am so proud for you!

  50. Congratulations you are one of the best decorators out there as far as I'm concerned!! You deserve the recognition for all your hard work and good taste.

  51. I noticed the BHG when standing in line to checkout at Wal Mart….OMG I know her, I mean I don't really know her, but I do know her. She shares her life with me every day on her blog….my husband says, ahem, how nice…well, it is nice and simply fantastic I told him! Congratulations Amanda, you are the best!! –Marti

  52. Congratulations! I'm a silent but faithful reader. I love your writing style, decorating style and everything else. I'm SO happy for you!!!

  53. Yay for you awesome lady! Yours is the only blog I follow regularly, so I was so surprised when I got my copy in the mail and read it on my dinner break a couple nights ago. I showed all the other nurses and they all just fell in love with your beautiful outdoor room!
    :-) Angie in TN

  54. I was so surprised to see a familiar face as I was flipping through the magazine! I've been following your blog for about a year and just love it:) Congratulations on the feature!!

  55. I rarely leave blog comments but had to for this! I am a subscriber to BHG, but this one had been sitting on my bedside table for months– missed this post somehow.

    How exciting to see you on the pages of a national magazine! With your sense of style, I am sure it will be the first of many~ Congrats!

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