The Playroom {Before & After}

Once upon a time, I spent many an hour ogling the glossy pages of Pottery Barn Kids.  And back when we originally set up the playroom in our first home, it actually kinda looked like that.  Well, eight years later the furniture is scratched and dented, one of the closet doors fell off, there are crayon marks on the floor and pencil doodles on the side of the bookcase.  This is a real room, that is really used – and without the watchful eye of Mommy telling them to keep their markers on the table and feet on the floor.  It will be undergoing a transition this year, so before that kicks off I wanted to give y’all a tour.  For posterity’s sake, if nothing else.

Here’s how we started on move in day…

April 2009 083

…and here’s our playroom today.  (I picked it up 2 minutes before snapping these pictures.)  We replaced the white carpet with the same unstained white oak we have in the rest of the house, painted all of the trim and replaced the rotten exterior wood door with a 15-light door.

February 2014 105 copy

All of the furniture is from Pottery Barn Kids.  We’ve had it for about nine years, so I have no idea if any of it is still carried.

February 2014 106 copy

February 2014 107 copy

The closet has been great for storing dress up costumes, games and bigger toys.

February 2014 109 copy

Lest you think our playroom stays in a perpetual state of order, here’s what it looks like this morning.  This is a good day as far as this room goes.  On most days you can barely step in the room for puzzles, cards and art supplies littered about the floor.

March 2014 056

Now that the littles are spending more and more time in the basement playing ping pong, pool, basketball and the wii (that’s another real space I should share) and are bringing home more and more school work on the computer, we have realized that our needs for this space are changing.  Over the course of the year, we will clean out the toys (some haven’t been touched in two years), migrate the rest down to the basement, and turn the space into a family office.  I have great plans for it to be elegant but functional for the entire family with two desk spaces, a seating area (I have a day bed, some fabulous slipper chairs, a great mirror, and a coffee table in the attic from our old house that might be used), and a completely revamped closet to store electronics, office supplies, crafting items, school supplies and hopefully the lot of my party things.
While I’m usually super sentimental about them growing up and moving on to every next stage, this is one room I won’t be sad to see go :-)

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16 thoughts on “The Playroom {Before & After}

  1. LOVE that playroom.
    My girls are almost to the age of outgrowing dress up and play rooms (though my son is only 5), but I would LOVE to have a playroom with a closet for the hundreds of dress up costumes we have. That is awesome!

  2. I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I remember "packing" away the playroom, when big girl claimed it for her bedroom. Really doesn't seem that long ago still. Is that room right off your entryway? Great space.

  3. May I ask you a question that is somewhat irrelevant to your post? I noticed that you painted all the trim in your home white. I am thinking of doing the same, and just wondered how tedious this was? I too, have windows with wooden frames, was it difficult to pain the wood around the windows? Thanks.

  4. Lauren – Yes, it is off the foyer. It does have a door that can be closed, which I love!

    All Thing Beautiful – We had painters do it before we moved in. We had a 3 year old and a 3 month old and were living with friends so we had to just get it done. It took them a solid week to paint every surface of the house. I would venture to say it was tedious, but I think it is well worth it to brighten and update things!

  5. Can't wait to see what your new office looks like. I would love to have a designated space for the kiddos to do homework but our office is strictly for Hubby since he does quite a bit of work from home.

    And I'm right there with you on not being sad about seeing the playroom go. But with a 2 year old I think we've got awhile until that day comes.

  6. I'm simply thrilled to see what you do. Since our boys are about the same ages we are re-configuring a bit too. Bring on the good ideas!

  7. I can't wait to see this transformation. We are getting ready to do the same with our play room but making it an older computer and hang out space. Thinking of bringing in an industrial look fouton from Ikea and some closed cabinetry to hold the games and such we will keep. Excited to follow along! It's sure to be fabulous.

  8. We have a family office – and I love it! It originally house the toys here (they boys were 6 & 4 when we moved in) but now at 11 & 9 most of the toys are gone.

    I can't wait to see your space evolve. I just know it will be one high styling space! xo

  9. What a beautiful playroom and I just realized how huge your windows are! They really let in a ton of light and switching out that door helped too. I am sure you will make the new space beautiful. When I transformed our playroom, it was amazing how much dent patching the painters had to do on the walls…boys!

  10. I am in the process of converting our playroom and like you I am not sad to to see the old playroom go. It was a constant mess and of course we had the occasional dumper friend(a friend that comes over and completely dumps out every single tidy basket in the room in the first 10 minutes they are over) which drove me crazy. Good buy toys hello new ballet/ dance room . I could hardly contain my joy when the wish list was only a ballet bar, mirrors, and a small futon to hang out on…woohoo

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