Honey Celebrates 30 Varsity Style {Flashback} + A Winner

What is Varsity style, you might ask?  Well, only the world’s largest drive-in and a veritable Atlanta institution.  Honey, much like the rest of our clan, absolutely adores the dogs, rings, strings and F.O. of the famed North Avenue establishment.  So, when it came time to plan his 30th birthday nine (cough!) years ago, it was an obvious choice. 

W30Birthday copy
I had a DJ set up in the garage, and we used the front yard and culdesac for dinner.
Metal paint buckets from Home Depot held pictures of Honey from the beginning of time.  I reused the candle lanterns from our wedding and had confetti made with more favorite pictures of Honey.
Not only were we celebrating the big 3-0, but we were also announcing our first pregnancy!!  I still remember how much fun it was to see everyone’s reaction when they read “Happy 30th Birthday Daddy… wait… DADDY?!?!” on the top of the cake.
Printed golf balls were the perfect favor for Honey and his cronies.  I think they said “Had a Ball on W’s 30th Birthday”.
Everyone left their well wishes in a Varsity book.  This is still fun to look through!
The main attraction was the Varsity truck.  It was so new that it hadn’t even been branded!
While I was hunting down the party pics, I couldn’t resist throwing in a few of our friends and family from nearly a decade ago.  How’s this for a throwback Monday?!?!

That one goes down in history as one of the best.parties.EVER!!!  And after much thought on how to top it next year for FORTY, I think I might just surprise him with some sort of a getaway.  Although a party is terribly hard to resist… :-)

PS. The winner of the fabulous b.ivy bow bracelet is…

Kelsea H. said…Just liked and commented on their Facebook Page. Love their stuff!

Congrats Kelsea!!!  Send me an email with your address and I will get you in touch with b.ivy!!!

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15 thoughts on “Honey Celebrates 30 Varsity Style {Flashback} + A Winner

  1. For the big 4 0 I say a trip with a Bon Voyage party. Might as well squeeze in both!

  2. Adorable photos. You all have aged gracefully!

    What a party – 30 and the excitement of a baby.

    Seeing you pre Dixie Delights was fun!

  3. Parties and entertaining comes so easily to you. Does sister entertain like you do? Did you enjoy the small celebrations with your mother and Daddy-o and sister growing up? Did your mother teach you to entertain? You are such a natural and definitely have a wonderful gift!

  4. So sorry to hi-jack your cute party post but I noticed the other day that I was no longer receiving your blog posts via my email subscription. Any chance you might know what is going on?

  5. Your pre-Pinterest party ideas are as fresh now as they were then! (P.S. Love your darling outfit, especially your blouse!)

  6. For a second I thought..Wait, Amanda is a cougar?! Oh, 30 plus 9, ok get it! LOL. That was some AWESOME party! And announcing he's going to be a Daddy at the same time..so precious!! I love the beautiful pics of you and your sister and you being served rings by Honey!!

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