Mother Makes: First Communion Banner

All of the littles making their First Communion were asked to make a banner to mark their family’s pew as a family project.  We tackled the project while in Savannah on spring break and think it is just beautiful!


We poured through my fabric cabinet for remnants perfect for this project, choosing the linen duck from his bedroom curtains, a white canvas and a blue cotton.  After searching through all sorts of appropriate symbols, John chose only to have a cross and a dove on his banner.  I was hesitant at first, but then realized that it leaves plenty of room for Whit to add something of his own in three years and then to reuse it for his big day as well!  To that end, we had HKL Designs go ahead and cut out Whit 2017 while she did John’s.  (Fingers crossed I don’t lose that tiny thing in the next three years.)

Here’s how to make your own:
The required measurements for the banner were 9”x14”.  We used a remnant of John’s curtain fabric and cut two pieces an inch larger to allow for the seam + 3 extra inches to allow for the fold over to insert the dowel rod on the top end (10”x18”).

With the two pieces of cut fabric stacked with the “good sides” facing each other, use a scallop ruler and water erasable marking pen to draw the scallops on the bottom of the fabric.

March 2014 373
Pin the two pieces together.

March 2014 374
Stitch around the three sides (1/2” seam) and directly onto the scallop lines.  Leave a couple of inches open at the top to flip the right sides out.

March 2014 375
Cut the fabric just outside of your scallops stitching line.
March 2014 378

Dab with water to remove the marker lines.  Flip the right sides out and close the opening at the top with a top stitch.  Fold over the top and sew down to leave an opening for your dowel.

March 2014 380

Now, as far as the embellishments, find, size and print patterns of choice from the internet.  John chose only a cross and a dove for his banner :-)  Since this won’t be worn or washed, we didn’t see the need to do a full stitched applique.  So we used the no sew Heat n Bond Ultrahold.
March 2014 377

Following the directions on the package, FIRST iron the heat n bond to the backs of your fabric choices.  Next, pin the design patterns to the fabric and cut out.  Since our lettering was so detailed, we had HKL Designs cut John’s last name for the top, as well as his name and the year to be applied to the bottom, using heat transfer vinyl.

March 2014 379
Using both the instructions for the heat n bond AND the vinyl, we placed and ironed everything on to the banner.

March 2014 381

Finally, insert your dowel rod (craft store, Honey had to cut down to size) and tie on your cording/ribbon.  We used a dab of hot glue to keep it in place and to secure the loose ends on the back.

Now, after doing alllllllll of this, John completely freaked and ran from the room when we he first laid eye on the finished product.  Mother and I stood there in disbelief.  I mean, he chose the fabric, he chose the symbols, this was HIS thing.  Come to find out, he thought he was going to have to WEAR it around his neck for the communion.  LOL.  I head tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.  No, son, it is only meant to hang at the end of our family pew.  I’m not sure where that was lost in translation.

And, not only will it hang on the pew, we will also use it as the buffet centerpiece for the reception and hang it in his room afterwards.  It should be a perfect day!!!!!!!!!  Of course, I’m slightly stressing by the fact that I can’t get around, have a bunch of errands to run in preparation, and have no dresses that “go” with this horrendous leg brace.  sigh.



20 thoughts on “Mother Makes: First Communion Banner

  1. That is a beautiful banner! Blessings on John as he continues his Christian Walk!! And prayers for you as you try to pull it all together with a bum foot. Thanks for sharing this special time with all of your readers.

  2. Your banner turned out great. How FUNNY that he thought he was going to have to WEAR it! Love it. Put your little letters in your jewelry box-that is what I did to save some little things a couple of years ago.

    Can't wait to see pictures of that day- xo Diana

  3. This is such a great idea. Can you clarify how you made the cross and dove? I know you said you got it off the internet. But did you somehow trace the design on fabric and then cut out? Thanks.

  4. Yes. First we googled cross and dove images and pasted them into a word document. We resized them and printed them from there. Pin the printed image to the top of your prepared fabric (ie. you have already ironed on the heat n bond) and then cut. Does that make sense?

  5. John's response is hilarious! Have you tried looking for a dress on zappos? They have free 2 day shipping and carry Lily Pulitzer and several other brands…this way you can keep your foot up and shop from the comfort of home.

  6. Congrats to John on his upcoming First Holy Communion. My Sophie just had hers on Sunday, and it was a wonderful day. One of the many, many reasons I love your blog is your frequent references to your faith. Décor, parties, and church–what more do we need?!

  7. I feel so badly for you, knowing how you have anticipated this. Here's hoping you get some answers tomorrow and can heal quickly.

    Check Talbots special occasion silk/cotton collection. I wore a white, ruffled blouse with their champagne trousers and jacket to a wedding, with pearls, and it was dressy enough and appopriate. They have a duster right now that might work, if wearing slacks is an options. Their fabrics are gorgeous (and the next few days everything is 30% off!)

    It will all come together….savor the moments and have a blessed day.

    Jane ~ San Diego

  8. Oh my, his response was hilarious! It looks fantastic. And, love that you can add Whit's name and date in a few years.
    I am thinking you have plenty of dresses, just not a "dressy" ankle brace. LOL My girls were always careful choosing cast colors. And, yes they would even sometimes go to the extent of finding a lovely sock to go over. And if it was just a brace, they would choose to tape their ankle/foot in pink, blue, etc. athletic tape just for the time being. Black and clunky really doesn't cut it. LOL

  9. I love your blog! Complete side bar: few questions for you… Where did you get your monogram paper cocktails napkins printed? Were your monogrammed bathroom towels embroidered by No. Four Eleven? I have them currently working on a monogram for me. Lastly, your plastic cups with monograms, where did you have your vinyl labels made?

  10. I'm with Simply LKJ…I was also thinking you (Mother?!) could whip up a cover, like a leg-warmer, to slip over your boot (or, hopefully not, cast.) Between the three of you, you'll figure it out! Good luck. Whatever you do, you will be as darling as ever. :)

  11. Thanks for all the outfit/brace suggestions :-) Am I crazy to still be holding out hope that my dr appt tomorrow will go swimmingly and I will be out of it by sunday?!?!

  12. Where did you get your monogram paper cocktails napkins printed? I had them done three years ago at Paper Affair. Were your monogrammed bathroom towels embroidered by No. Four Eleven? No, I had a friend do them. Lastly, your plastic cups with monograms, where did you have your vinyl labels made? HKL Designs – I have a link in yesterday's post with a giveaway!

  13. Try soaking your ankle or taking a bath in Epsom salt. It's amazingly healing, soothing and does wonders.

    We're all crossing our fingers for you tomorrow for good news.


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